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29 Sep

Charlie Le Mindu Exhibit Opens at Artcurial

HAUTE COIFFURE: For artist Charlie Le Mindu, having 21 of his hair creations go under the hammer at Artcurial in Paris on Oct. 5 is bittersweet.

“Generally, I even have very mixed emotions, because I’m separating myself from things that I like,” said Le Mindu, on the vernissage of the exhibition of his work that was held on the Right Bank auction house Wednesday night. “But you understand, as I’ve said before, it’s good because I would like recent things, and I even have greater than 200 archives in my place in Brooklyn. I have to be away from them now.”

Le Mindu had people from Artcurial select which works can be included within the auction that can happen each in person and online, starting at 5 p.m. CET. But, in fact, he helped make the choice,  to be certain that every little thing fit together.

Charlie le Mindu

SayWho / Paul Blind

Amongst the important thing pieces Le Mindu loves which are being auctioned off are two full-body hair sculptures, called “Lion’s Manes,” which were inspired by a mushroom present in the northern hemisphere. They’re estimated to sell for 180,000 euros to 200,000 euros.

“It’s my favorite, because they’ve been in so many things, and I like wearing them myself. It’s the one thing I made that I can wear,” Le Mindu laughed.

One other favorite is the fluorescent, jellyfish-like creation, entitled “Fluorescent Species,” that’s to be worn over someone’s head. The estimate for that ranges from 11,000 euros to 12,000 euros.

Within the show catalogue, curator Benoît Coffin calls Le Mindu, the artist behind the concept of Haute Coiffure, a “visionary.”

“The work of Charlie is in constant motion, and may only be understood through the thought of a trajectory, one which began its travel originally of the 2000s,” Coffin wrote. “From ‘Blonde Lips’ and the costumes worn by Lady Gaga to the famous ‘Lion’s Manes,’ every bit on this event-sale is a masterpiece of virtuosity and creativity.”

Le Mindu, indeed, never stops. Except for gearing up for the auction, he’s currently working on a ballet in Monaco and the upcoming Vivienne Westwood and Kayne West shows through the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. A bit further down the road are a ballet in Berlin and a cabaret in Miami, Florida.

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