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10 Sep

Charlotte Tilbury on her latest highlighter and the present

The wonder mogul shares about growing up as a toddler in Ibiza, her thoughts on brands who put out products without innovation and why it’s against the law to not glow prime together with her viral Flawless Filter

Is there a beauty brand with more cult products than Charlotte Tilbury? On TikTok you possibly can’t escape the Hollywood Flawless Filter, which appears to be a component of each person’s make-up routine. One is reportedly sold every 30 seconds and it’s perpetually out of stock. Pillow Talk lip liner is one other favourite, so versatile it’s worn by each Chloe Cherry in her everyday routine and Amal Clooney on her wedding day. The shade was so successful it spawned its own range of products. A beauty editor very outstanding within the industry tells a story of how a lady once crossed a whole room at a celebration to ask her what highlighter she was wearing. It was, in fact, Charlotte Tilbury – the Beauty Light Wand.

That’s not even mentioning beloved products just like the Airbrush Flawless Finish powder, Filmstar Bronze and Glow, the Rock ‘N’ Kohl eye pencils, WonderGlow, and Magic Cream which Tilbury originally created to revive models’ skin backstage during relentless fashion weeks and earned her the nickname the ‘Queen of Glow’. Personally, the matte lipstick in Red Carpet Red hasn’t left my side in five years and is all the time sure to get a compliment. Now, Tilbury is launching a latest product that she hopes will achieve similar cult status: the Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter.

That the newest drop is a highlighter will not be surprising provided that Tilbury’s philosophy has all the time firmly centred around skin looking lit from inside and he or she’s been obsessive about the magic of contouring since she was a toddler growing up in Ibiza. “Should you go right back to Ibiza, on my wall was Marlene Dietrich, was Marilyn Monroe, was Audrey Hepburn – I might sit and count their eyelashes, the shade, the sunshine, the glow. How does their cheekbone try this? Why does their mouth try this? And it’s all to do with shade and light-weight,” she says. “All the administrators I’ve worked with, all of the photographers I’ve worked with, all the pieces is about light – make-up is all about light. It’s unbelievable once you paint on a light-weight sculptor, how you possibly can change the face.”

The Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter is a powder highlighter inspired by special effects of old Hollywood cinema like putting vaseline on the camera lens which created those soft glow effects. Available in eight different shades, the highlighter is infused with “light flex technology” and “smoothing emollients” to light up and blur the skin. Tilbury calls the formula an innovation. “Nobody’s ever seen it before and we’re very pleased with that. Now we’re in a world where the cat, the dog, the mice, everyone desires to have a make-up line and a skincare line,” she says. “Half the products are spangly, wacky and never great since the innovation isn’t there. They haven’t done the testing, they haven’t done the user trials or clinical trials, they haven’t used great labs, they don’t care. You may’t just shove a product out the door, it takes time and it takes innovation.”

Old Hollywood, in addition to the sunshine on Ibiza and the neighbouring island of Formentera, also provided the inspiration for the color shades, which range from champagnes to pinks to bronzes. “It’s just like the pink light that Max Factor used to make use of within the room that makes everyone look super attractive,” Tilbury says concerning the rose gold shade. “Or that light in Formentera, you get that red light, rose gold glow, around seven within the afternoon, that golden hour that makes everyone look so beautiful, that light is so gorgeous.” Capturing that flattering sunset light, alongside moonlight and candle light which were other key references, was a giant a part of how they created the shades. “Sometimes when people put highlighters on their skin, they go a bit ashen because they’re not flattering to the color of the skin.”

Making products as easy as possible to make use of, so that individuals don’t, for instance, go ashen after they placed on highlighter, is certainly one of Tilbury’s big goals for her brand. She desires to make it so easy that anyone, irrespective of what their skill level, can do it. Even, she jokes, her eight-year-old son. The Contour and Light Wands were created after Tilbury watched people giving contouring tutorials on TikTok and Instagram looking “muddy and orange and using 50 million various things. I assumed there’s got to be a neater method to do that.” The powders got here because she was uninterested in powders that made people look dusty, old and crepey. With the Hollywood Glow highlighter, Tilbury says the formula is so forgiving that “actually, you don’t must have any craft to do it but you get this incredible skin”.

To assist make the product accessible to all skill levels, on the packaging are diagrams that show you where you possibly can put the highlighter – not only the high points of the cheekbone, but within the inner corners of the eyes, on the eyelid to create a crease, along the nose, on the jawline. There will even be YouTube videos and knowledge on the web site. “I’m holding your hand,” she explains. “It would show you find out how to do the brow trick, the cheek trick, the jaw trick, the nose trick, and the lip trick.” Ultimately she just desires to innovate and educate people on the fun of make-up. “There’s still a complete bunch of ladies on the market who don’t know the fun of how amazing it’s once you glow prime,” she says about her Flawless Filter. “I all the time say it’s a beauty crime to not glow prime – all those individuals who don’t know that their lives are gonna be modified irrespective of how old or how young they’re.”

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