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24 Apr

Christina Aguilera Fends Off Frown Lines for Xeomin Ambassador

Christina Aguilera is the most recent celebrity to endorse Xeomin, a Botox alternative that also counts Joe Jonas and Teyana Taylor as ambassadors.

Created by Merz Aesthetics, Xeomin is an injectable anti-wrinkle formula that’s suitable for the treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. The Grammy-winning singer appears within the brand’s recent national “Beauty on Your Terms” campaign.

“I’ve all the time been candid about self-confidence and encourage everyone to embrace their very own version of themselves,” said Aguilera in an announcement. “A part of my journey to embracing and caring for my best self is being intentional in regards to the products I exploit and the ingredients in them. That’s why I need to make use of a wise tox for frown lines that has only the ingredients essential for treatment. As a performer, I want to have the ability to specific myself, and Xeomin gives me a natural look that I like.”

Christina Aguilera for Xeomin.

Courtesy of Xeomin

Xeomin marks Aguilera’s first endorsement within the aesthetics space.

“As some of the powerful and iconic voices of our time, Christina Aguilera personifies our ‘Beauty on Your Terms’ mission,” said Patrick Urban, Merz Aesthetics president, North America, in an announcement. “Our trailblazing marketing collaborations have reached a recent audience. With the U.S. aesthetics market expanding at a rapid pace amongst adult Gen Z and Millennials, we’re focused on empowering ladies and men with the liberty to make the aesthetic decisions that help them maintain their self-confidence.”

The singer recently fronted a campaign for the Nintendo Switch gaming console, and he or she’s also been a spokesmodel for luxury brands like Versace and Stephen Webster.

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