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6 May

Coty Exploring Double Paris-Recent York Listing – WWD

PARIS — Coty Inc. is exploring a dual listing, in Paris and Recent York, it said Friday.

The wonder-maker, which is eying the Paris Stock Exchange, is already listed on the Recent York Stock Exchange.

Coty also said Friday it has prolonged its long-term partnership with Sue Nabi, Coty chief executive officer since Sept. 1, 2020. Her renewed compensation agreement is founded on an equity program that runs through 2030.

Coty’s board of directors has authorized the corporate’s management to explore a list in Paris. Should it turn out to be dually listed, it could “further [strengthen] Coty’s presence in Europe and [provide] an extra vehicle to succeed in untapped investors out there,” the corporate said in an announcement. “The structure aligns with Coty’s 100-plus-year heritage in France and its substantial business footprint in Europe.”

“Paris is the historic home of beauty, and the industry still holds a special attraction for investors there,” commented Coty chairman Peter Harf. “The board’s interest in exploring a possible listing on the Paris Stock Exchange has been made possible due to the progress Coty has made under Sue’s leadership.”

Nabi’s big bet has been to expand Coty beyond the corporate’s core competency of fragrance, which keeps developing, while delving deeper into skincare, particularly, and makeup. Under her tenure, beauty brands comparable to CoverGirl, Bourjois, Max Factor and Rimmel have returned to growth.

Also in her sights has been China, where Coty has noted the success of Gucci beauty, Burberry beauty and Lancaster. 

The corporate underlined its market capitalization as quadrupled under Nabi.

“We have now seen consistent growth over the past 10 quarters, consistent with or ahead of market expectations, underpinned by targeted investment, disciplined cost controls and a transparent debt reduction program,” Harf added. “The strength of this performance is testament to Sue’s status as considered one of the sweetness industry’s most modern and talented figures, and the leadership team she has built at Coty.”

Nabi said the corporate is “committed to driving sustainable innovation across fragrance, color cosmetics and skincare as [it rises] to satisfy the buyer needs of the longer term, while concurrently campaigning to vary outdated definitions of beauty through the #undefinebeauty campaign.”

Regarding her renewed compensation agreement, Coty said it “features a good portion of performance-related shares alongside a performance-related bonus, further aligning all stakeholders’ interest.”

Coty did reveal give details of Nabi’s compensation, but in fiscal-year 2021, she was beauty’s highest-paid CEO by far, largely due to her stock-based compensation, which was awarded as a part of her one-time sign-on package. 

On the time, the market smiled on her turnaround efforts at the sweetness group, sending Coty’s share price soaring and earning her $283.8 million within the yr to June 30, 2021.

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