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4 Dec

Dakota Johnson on Maude Exhibit at Miami Museum of

Maude is exploring 100 years of history at the brand new Museum of Sex. 

The Museum of Sex previewed its second location in Miami on Friday and can open to the general public in January 2024. The flagship opened in Recent York City in 2002. 

Maude founder Éva Goicochea and inventive director and actress Dakota Johnson have curated an exhibit called “Modern Sex: 100 Years of Design and Decency,” which was previewed on the museum this past weekend. The gathering, which incorporates greater than 500 artifacts, explores restrictions around sexual wellness dating back to the Nineteen Twenties. The exhibit is organized by decade.

“It’s a little bit of a twilight zone to think about how far we’ve come and yet by no means,” Goicochea said. “It’s full circle. Within the Nineteen Twenties, that they had to code loads of their language.” 

Since Maude’s inception, Goicochea has also faced restrictions.

“We are able to’t advertise devices. If we try they must be with this silly language,” she said. “We’re still so restricted, obviously, in other ways in recent technology and recent media, but same thing.”

Although Goicochea and Johnson had been mulling over this idea for awhile, it wasn’t at all times going to be an exhibit. 

“Dakota and I had originally talked about this as a [coffee table] book,” Goicochea said. “We mainly put together this big document saying we desired to explore what this has looked like over the past 100 years.” 

Goicochea and Johnson brought the proposal to the Museum of Sex about two years ago and commenced working on the project from there. Nonetheless, the team noted the coffee table concept might come to fruition someday, as well. 

While walking through the exhibit, which was cosponsored by Maude, Durex and KY, guests will explore media, advertisements and products from each decade — think books, iterations of devices, vintage Playboy magazines and more.

“Something happens while you see physical objects that represent what happened historically,” Johnson said. “I hope that individuals walk away considering what their opinion about their very own sexual wellness is and that of others, the way it’s evolved on the planet or the way it’s not evolved, and the way it’s still represented the identical ways because it has been within the last 100 years.” 

One key artifact within the exhibit is the 1976 “The Hite Report,” a book by reporter Shere Hite that explores findings around women’s sexuality from hundreds of survey respondents. In tandem with the exhibit, a documentary titled “The Disappearance of Shere Hite” was recently released. (Johnson is an executive producer and the narrator of the film.)

“The documentary is about Shere Hite and the way she was mainly completely blotted out of history and totally silenced when she was presenting quantifiable data about female sexuality and feminine orgasm,” Johnson said. “It’s kind of fantastic that these two things coincided to exist concurrently.”

Goicochea and Johnson also selected to spotlight gender inequity across the category and a long time within the exhibit.

“Now, 100 years later, you possibly can advertise erectile dysfunction pills, but you possibly can’t advertise a vibrator utilized by a lady. It’s pretty maddening,” Goicochea said. “My hope is that when people view this after which when it does turn out to be a coffee table book, people will realize how much we now have to do and it’s as much as us culturally as consumers and other people to to demand change.”

The exhibit might be on display on the Museum of Sex in Miami from January 2024 through the summer.

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