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1 Dec

DressX’s Desktop Camera Brings AR Fashion to Your Zoom Calls

There’s a latest approach to sport the most recent digital fashion accessories, because of the freshly launched Desktop Camera by DressX. The Mac application, first presented at The Economist Metaverse Summit in October and launched Thursday, goals to make it easier for people to look their virtual best on Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Teams and Slack video calls, allowing users to don their digital fashion for friends, family, coworkers or anyone else who may appreciate a little bit onscreen flair.

Deployed as a beta release, the software, alternatively described because the DressX Metacloset for Video, is an extension of the corporate’s Metaverse Closet, an augmented reality mobile app that places an overlay of virtual outfits on selfie videos. Because the name indicates, the Desktop Camera brings a taste of the experience to desktop Mac computers (running Mac OS 12.3 or higher versions), with Windows to follow.

By default, each the phone and computer versions offer built-in style options. The Desktop Camera arrives stocked with accessories created by DressX, in addition to third-party 3D corporations and traditional beauty brands like IPSA. It also features special looks by established AR fashion creators similar to Ines Alpha, Sophie Maxx and others. But unlike the phone app, the desktop application doesn’t yet allow owners of fashion NFTs or other wearables to placed on their very own purchased goods.

The download is free for the essential version, but the corporate notes that premium options are also available for users desirous about special items. In that way, consider it as a taste of what’s to come back or, as DressX put it, a likelihood “to experience the long run of digital fashion.”

The essential version of Desktop Camera launches with default accessory looks, with premium options also available.

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Founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova — WWD x Footwear News x Beauty Inc’s Women in Power 2022 honorees — envision broad usage for his or her latest tool. They liken virtual accessories to the swappable backgrounds which have grow to be commonplace in virtual meetings. “This camera application embodies our vision of seamlessly mixing fashion and technology, allowing users to specific their unique style in virtual meetings and livestreams,” they said in a prepared statement. “We consider that in today’s digital age, how we present ourselves online matters, and with the DressX Camera, we’re empowering individuals to make a press release, stand out and redefine their virtual presence.”

Ines Alpha sees DressX’s efforts as spiritual successors to the Snapchat camera. “DressX camera is reviving when Snap Camera allowed us to infuse live calls with AR experiences,” she said, “but now, it’s all about fashion.” Alpha is making two of her favorite lenses available: HyperEmotionalSkin and Alpha Beauty Booth.

“Each are also quite technically advanced,” she explained, adding that “one is tactile and lets you create your personal 3D makeup look; the opposite uses machine learning to know and adapt to your emotions.

“I hope that when people incorporate these lenses into their video calls, they’ll not only have a blast but in addition discover a newfound confidence and sweetness inside themselves.” These overlays join other looks, similar to Sophie Maxx’s On-Chain Royalty Crown, as a part of the DressX camera experience.

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