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12 Sep

Easy Polygel Nails Using DualForm !!Dual Form Nails Tutorial

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In today’s video, I showed you the 2 fallacious and right ways of dual form extensions with polygel.

In the proper method,first get the manicure done. Next make some scratch onto the surface of the nails after which apply a dehydrator.

After that apply primer-gel and wait for 30 seconds and at last use base-coat and cure it under the LED for 60 seconds.

Select an appropriate Dual form for every nail and spread the polygel out contained in the dual-form in line with the video.

Note that when sticking the dualform on the nails, the polygel shouldn’t stick out of the shape .

Or if it did just dip a brush into the cleanser and tidy it up similar to the way in which I did .

Then turn the hand around and flatten the surface under the nails using a brush.

Next cure it under the LED for 60 seconds.

After that remove the dual-forms and at last shape the nails using a handfile.

I hope you’ve got enjoyed this tutorial🥰🥰🥰

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