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21 Apr

Emporio Armani to Rejoice Earth Day

EMPORIO ARMANI’S TOTE: Emporio Armani is celebrating Earth Day with a special collection and a latest project.

Ranging from the week of Earth Day celebrations, Emporio Armani dropped a set of tote bags, each retailing at 50 euros within the brand’s chosen stores worldwide and online, while supplies last.

The items were manufactured by 4 workshops belonging to the Fair Trade-certified Ethicarei production district, the primary ethical supply chain in Italy. Each workshop, coordinated by the nonprofit enterprise Alice Cooperative, provides work for people from socially or economically disadvantaged groups. Entirely produced in Italy, the baggage are made using inventories to scale back waste and designed to reduce their environmental impact.

For Earth Day on Saturday, the brand partnered with Treedom, the platform that supports agroforestry projects around the globe, for the project named Emporio Armani Project. It includes the planting of 1,000 trees in Africa, South America and Asia that may later be tracked through a dedicated QR code.

All of the initiatives are a part of the Armani Group’s commitment to advertise the responsible use of natural resources, safeguard the environment and work in harmony with local communities where it operates.

Last yr, during Earth Day, Armani launched the brand new site Armani/Values “to have interaction your complete organization at a worldwide level within the implementation of the sustainability strategy.”

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