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3 Aug

Esthetician In Charge: Skincare, Botox, Fillers & More –

Essence Beauty joined the wonder talk with Panelist Nayamka Roberts-Smith, hosted by Fannita, to provide advice for the beautification of Black skin on the BeautyCon™ stage. The “Head Esthetician in Charge” gave the audience a masterclass on the do’s and don’ts of skincare when coping with darker toned skin. Flawless makeup requires skincare, and we got the within scoop on tips on how to maintain your skin’s health and beauty.

Roberts-Smith, is a Jamaican skin expert from Latest York, based in Los Angeles. Her skincare advice, including a 60-second cleansing rule, went viral on social media for the impact the rule has had on her viewers’ skin regimen. Within the “Esthetician In Charge: Botox, Fillers and More” panel discussion, she detailed the advantages of SPF, skin regimen must-haves, and the answer in case your skin has not improved. 

“For Black and POC, especially for ladies with deeper toned skin, our skin has a natural SPF,” Roberts-Smith said. “At minimum, it’s essential to cleanse your skin within the morning and night, use SPF within the morning, and moisturize at night.” 

Roberts-Smith went in depth on the advantages of SPF for part considered one of the panel. As a crucial ingredient to make use of every day, she beneficial sunscreen, even for dark skin with natural SPF. The sun causes UV damage to the skin, which weakens and dries skin cells causing less healthy skin vulnerable to hyperpigmentation. Although all skin has the identical amount of melanocytes, darker skin has more energetic melanin cells which could cause hyperpigmentation.

It has been present in accredited studies, SPF doesn’t help darker complexions avoid skin cancer. Nevertheless, you might be still at risk of skin cancer, just not from UV exposure. Black Girl Sunscreen has SPF with no white forged which can preserve the looks of your skin as you protect yourself from sun exposure. Seek for a chemical SPF without titanium oxide to avoid a gray, purple, blue-toned forged which can interfere with makeup. 

“It’s true Black doesn’t crack, but you need to safeguard your skin,” Roberts-Smith said. “SPF is an important solution to protect melanin.” 

On the BeautyCon™ panel, she then introduced tips on how to cleanse and hydrate your skin. “Really melanin-rich skin has less ceramides within the upper layer of the skin,” she said. “The lipid helps our skin retain moisture, which is why Black people are likely to get ashy.” She suggested to guard the skin from inflammation and hyperpigmentation, it’s best to replace facial scrubs and abrasive exfoliants in your skincare regimen with a chemical exfoliate. 

“We’d like mandelic acid greater than other ethnic groups,” she says. Other ingredients, like Retinol, are a must have in dark skincare routine to treat pimples, hyperpigmentation, effective lines and wrinkles. “If you happen to’re still having issues along with your skin, you might need to add a treatment to your skin,” she said “It will be significant to treat your skin concern, not your skin type.” It’s vital to avoid overusing products as it will possibly result in more breakouts. Patience is crucial, as visible results for many products typically take as much as 6 weeks. 

Visit BeautyCon™ the Essence Fest edition at essence.com for more on the newest Black beauty panel.

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