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3 Nov

Exclusive: Beauty Mogul Raynell ‘Supa’ Steward And Fiancé Rayzor

Exclusive: Beauty Mogul Raynell ‘Supa’ Steward And Fiancé Rayzor

Sway Ambrose

Beauty and business maven Raynell Steward, higher often known as Wuzzam Supa, made her name after which her money sharing her life on social media. Her following has spent years rooting for her happiness in life and love. So, they actually had something to have a good time when her then-boyfriend Rayzor Breaux got down on one knee and asked Supa to be his wife this past May on their one-year-anniversary.

In celebration of their pending nuptials, the Louisiana lovebirds posed for a vibrant engagement shoot and spoke exclusively with ESSENCE about what brought them together.

The couple first met in 2019 when Steward attended Breaux’s club, the Vogue Lounge, in Latest Orleans. She was following him on social media but didn’t know him personally. Although they were strangers, Supa left an impression on him that night.

“I assumed she was beautiful once I first saw her,” Breaux tells ESSENCE. “She had this aura about herself that demanded the eye of everyone.”

However the timing was off. In 2019, each parties were in relationships, so neither considered one of them pursued anything romantically. Breaux says he “turned those feelings off ASAP.”

The 2 did communicate periodically on social media. When the time was right, and so they were now not attached to others and capable of start dating, Steward desired to keep things private until she knew exactly what she wanted. He was glad to oblige.

“To start with Ray respected my privacy a lot to where he was renting out locations for us to have dates,” she recalls. “We wasn’t hiding from the world but we wasn’t in plain sight either.”

After loving, losing and learning, all in the general public eye, she can have desired to be a bit more restrained about things, but she was still open to like.

“I at all times told myself that I’ll never give a person a lot power over me to where he’ll take my ability to like again,” she says. “I try my best to not fault a person for what the previous man has done. I move on with grace and forgiveness.”

Her ability to take the high road paid off. And thankfully, with Breaux, she didn’t should cope with any of the drama that marred her past relationships.

“To start with of my former relationships, I at all times handled one other woman, scandals, and social media embarrassment,” she says. “Things that had me second guessing if I desired to be in a relationship. I also thought I needed to cope with it to prove I’m worthy, or to point out a person I’m down for him.”

Breaux showed her something different.

“Being with Ray made me realize that I didn’t should undergo those things. Ray stepped in and was sure about what he wanted and inserted me into his life. I didn’t should pry my way in or insert myself. That’s once I knew he was the one,” she says.

Exclusive: Beauty Mogul Raynell ‘Supa’ Steward And Rayzor Share Their Love Story And Gorgeous Engagement Shoot
Sway Ambrose

Breaux was capable of make room for her in his life once he realized he cared about her in a distinct, deeper way.

“Greater than loving her, greater than protecting her, I felt the necessity to at all times be there for her as her best friend,” he says. “When we’ve got tough days and we aren’t in a loving place or I begin to forget a few of the guarantees I made to her to start with, I at all times have it in my heart and soul to be there for her as my best friend and life partner.”

He attributes their bond to the proven fact that Supa knows the best way to handle the responsibility that comes with being in love.

“While you love someone, most often you inevitably give them power over you,” Breaux says. “Not everyone knows the best way to cope with that, but Raynell does. She never abuses her power and that permits me to be completely vulnerable together with her and allows me to like her with no limits. She’s the rationale we’re best friends and life partners. We wouldn’t make a move without one another.”

It’s a sentiment she echoes as she reflects on her hopes for married life.

“I’m looking forward to us being represented as one,” says Steward. “I would like a stronger connection, deeper bond, longer talks, earlier mornings as a family. I would like us to strategize our plans for our youngsters together. Arrange their future for greatness as one. I’m really able to make decisions with my husband for my family. I’m so used to creating them alone. It feels good to have a partner with just as much input as me. I’m able to tackle life with my teammate.”

Automotive provided within the shoot is from Lynn’s Garage of The Turkey Leg Hut. 

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