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28 Jan

EXCLUSIVE: Uniqlo and Hypebeast Team on Apparel Collection

Hypebeast goes further into the style world with a latest collaboration.

The media company is teaming with Uniqlo on an apparel collection called UT Hypebeast Community Center, which will likely be released Monday. The gathering is inspired by community clubs and “envisions how the Hypebeast community looks within the universe of Uniqlo,” in keeping with each firms.

The gathering was designed by Japanese artist Kosuke Kawamura, who teamed with 4 collaborators chosen by Hypebeast, including artist Sean Wotherspoon, design collective Actual Source, media company FaZe Clan and lifestyle brand Peaches.

“I’m glad that we’re capable of collaborate with Hypebeast on this collection, because the concept and graphics were created by leveraging their strengths,” Kawamura said. “This collection well incorporates UT’s brand philosophy of expanding people’s interest in creative cultures they might not have known existed.”

A mode from the UT Hypebeast Community Center collection.

The gathering is split into 4 clubs — Collectors Club, Book Club, Computer Club and Auto Club — and offers 4 long-sleeved T-shirts and two jackets designed with a streetwear vibe. The gathering is priced at $29.50 for the T-shirts and $69.90 for the jackets and will likely be available at Uniqlo stores. 

“Kosuke-san fully understood the concept for this collaboration, and we each saw a similarity in UT and Hypebeast as being platforms in their very own solution to showcase different communities,” said Kevin Wong, vp and global creative director at Hypebeast. “The gathering is about shedding light on the stories being told by different creatives from everywhere in the world, from fashion to design, automotive culture or gaming.”  

That is the newest major collaboration to return from Hypebeast. Last 12 months, the media company teamed with Valentino to open a Pink PP installation in its store in Manhattan’s Chinatown. 

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