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10 Oct

Fenty Beauty Is Now at Ulta Beauty at Goal

Fenty Beauty Is Now at Ulta Beauty at Goal

Fenty Beauty is in expansion mode.

After entering Ulta Beauty last yr, the sweetness brand is now expanding into Ulta Beauty at Goal, the retailer’s partnership with Goal Corp. It debuted last week in all shop-in-shops with roughly 70 stock keeping units.

It comes at a time of success for that partnership. On the corporate’s most up-to-date earnings call for the second quarter, Christina Hennington, Goal’s executive vice chairman and chief growth officer, noted that Goal’s core beauty business was up double-digits while Ulta Beauty at Goal sales had doubled.

“We’ve got had a robust beauty business for years, and our guest has loved the invention that we’ve brought in with Ulta Beauty at Goal,” said Jill Sando, executive vice chairman and chief merchandising officer at Goal. “You get the authority that Ulta brings to the table, and the brands that guests weren’t in a position to purchase at Goal. We’re in a position to construct on that sense of discovery, and so they love, inside that have, greater accessibility. The response has been implausible.”

Sando said the reasoning behind taking up the brand was easy — consumers had been asking for it. “We take a look at curating brands based on our guest feedback based on opportunities we see inside the assortment, and just need to have that regular pace of newness,” she said. “That sense of discovering newness is a key component of this strategy.”

A part of Fenty’s offering within the shop-in-shops can be Fenty Snackz, a set of minis across lip and complexion products. Sando said a set of lip glosses quickly became the partnership’s bestselling product and that the brand is now the highest cosmetics brand at Ulta Beauty at Goal.

“It shouldn’t be the bottom price point within the assortment, but the worth is tremendous,” Sando said of the product. “It gives the guests a possibility to experiment somewhat bit. When you take into consideration discovery, should you take into consideration trial and should you think in regards to the opportunity to try recent brands, these smaller sets have been an enormous success across the board.”

Monica Arnaudo, Ulta’s chief merchandising officer, echoed those sentiments, saying the propensity for smaller sizes was a difference between Ulta’s core customer and that of Ulta Beauty at Goal.

“They’re gravitating towards travel and trial because they’re more accessible in price point,” Arnaudo said. “It gives the buyer the power to try something at a cheaper price point, after which they arrive back in and so they buy the total size. The necessary aspect for each of us is to create this ecosystem through loyalty. Today, nearly 3 million guests have linked their Ultamate Rewards and their Goal Circle Accounts.”

Leaning into travel and trial isn’t a selected technique to Fenty Beauty. “We focused in on the important thing bestsellers in full sizes, but we leaned in on travel and trial and we began seeing the traction there,” Arnaudo said. “Also with cheaper price point items like mascara — highly replenishable, accessible price point. We’ve been leaning in with our brands to start out taking a look at more of those sizes.”

Overall, Arnaudo said that skincare and makeup’s performances at Ulta Beauty at Goal were on par with the expectations, though hair and fragrance gained more traction than anticipated. “In fragrance, we only entered with the smallest assortment with Ariana Grande. Now, since there’s been such desire from the guest, we’ve added just a few more brands inside fragrance and hair, reminiscent of Ralph Lauren, Billie Eilish and Verb, Living Proof and Ouidad,” Arnaudo said.

Arnaudo doesn’t see celebrity brands, reminiscent of Fenty, Ariana Grande or Billie Eilish, waning any time soon. “Celebrity is at all times going to be necessary, and the way we do celebrity has got to be very well thought out because the buyer isn’t just searching for a brand with a celeb’s name on it,” Arnaudo said. “They need something that’s authentic and that’s filling a necessity for them, something that’s revolutionary, and that the celebrity or influencer really believes in.”

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