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4 May

Fitness Studio Solidcore to Open 250 More Locations –

On the heels of opening its one centesimal studio space in Santa Monica, California, Solidcore has plans to expand to 250 locations and potentially internationally in the following three to 5 years, WWD has learned exclusively.

“L.A. as a marketplace for a fitness company is some of the critical markets, definitely domestically, but I might argue on the earth,” said Solidcore’s chief executive officer, Bryan Myers. “As you recognize, health and wellness, culturally, are so central to the community here in Southern California.”

News of expansion comes after the Washington, D.C.-based business secured funding from Kohlberg & Company. Last month it was announced that Solidcore’s founder Anne Mahlum, who launched the studio in 2013, sold her shares to the private equity firm. Mahlum had raised capital from Kohlberg & Company, in addition to Peterson Partners and VMG Partners through the years.

“To get to the one centesimal studio is after all an incredible accomplishment, and I’m incredibly happy with our team for getting here,” Myers said. Santa Monica marks its fifth location in Southern California. “But I also think it speaks to the influence of Southern California, L.A., Santa Monica specifically, as we take into consideration this because the jumping off point to the following chapter of the corporate as we march toward 250 locations in the longer term, perhaps opening our first international location over the following three to 5 years, and so many other major milestones that we’re excited to look toward in the longer term.”

Offering a 50-minute, high-intensity, full-body workout on a Pilates-inspired reformer, the business currently operates in 25 states, in addition to D.C.

Hit hard through the COVID-19 pandemic, Solidcore now has more members than it did in 2019, said Myers: “Our numbers are up about 60 percent relative to where they were pre-COVID-19.”

What are essentially the most successful markets?

“Like many brands, the density of Recent York allows for us to realize pretty significant revenue volumes in that market,” Myers continued. “But what I’m really happy with is, particularly post-COVID-19, we’ve markets like Southern California, like Boston, like Southern Florida, like Texas, like Chicago which might be rivaling even the volumes that we see in Recent York City.”

Bryan Myers

Courtesy of Bryan Myers/Elizabeth Klehm

Moving forward, as Solidcore looks to grow across the U.S., it first goals to have a much bigger presence in California, with plans to open in San Francisco and San Diego as a part of its 10 to fifteen more studio openings this 12 months.

“There’s more studios on the best way here within the Los Angeles region,” Myers said. “But I may also inform you that we’re beginning to do some early work around each the San Diego market and San Francisco and so more to return on that in the approaching month as we begin to finalize our plans. We’re really excited to plant additional flags here in California generally. We also opened Seattle as a market last 12 months, and we’re rapidly expanding in that market as our product and brand has been super well received.”

Myers, who was previously at Sweetgreen, began as a client at Solidcore nine years ago, he said. He’s been with the corporate for greater than five years and was promoted to CEO in April 2021.

“There’s really two elements which have made the business successful and type of helped our ability to achieve the dimensions that we’ve,” he explained. “The primary is that we’ve a product that works.…Nobody walks out of a Solidcore class and wonders if the workout worked. And I believe that in and of itself in an environment — especially now post-pandemic where we’re more discerning about where we spend our time, energy, effort [and] money — people desire a product that’s going to permit them to see results.…Number two is, what Solidcore does once you walk into the studio is it makes sure that you recognize that you simply are an important person within the room. And for our brand which means ensuring that your coach greets you and knows you by name. It means providing you with hands-on corrections and adjustments to be sure that you’re protected within the room, that you simply get essentially the most out of the workout. It’s understanding your fitness goals and ensuring that we’re a component of that journey for you.”

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