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19 Dec

Flora Sets Out to Disrupt Prestige Hair Care –

PARIS — Flora, the prestige hair care brand created like skincare, takes a holistic approach, starting with scalp care.

The range’s 35 clean, vegan products have formulas which might be biomimetic, gender-fluid and transgenerational. These are supposed to be utilized in various multistep treatments, created to be like facials for the hair.

“That’s disrupting the market today,” said Flora founder Nikolina Kisić Mamić, a seasoned beauty executive, who has worked at corporations resembling L’Oréal and in cities like Paris, London and Latest York. “We’re positioned as biological hair science. Scalp care is the brand new hair care,” using sensorial experiences.

The brand comes with the tag line “molecular skin therapy for hair.”

Kisić Mamić noted that the hair segment has mostly focused on coloring, cutting and styling, and that hair care products are generally created to mask problems. Whereas skincare is multicategory, she views hair care as focusing totally on hairdressing.

“Hairdressers are makeup artists for hair,” Kisić Mamić said. “I noticed that there is basically a spot out there for products which might be in a position to provide an actual curative approach with treatment. We’re on a mission to vary the best way people treat their hair.”

She is delving right into a hot category. Prestige hair care is the second-fastest growing beauty segment today, after prestige fragrance, with each generating gains of 23.3 percent and 13.6 percent, respectively, between 2021 and 2022, in accordance with market research provider Euromonitor International’s estimates.

Flora, which works on a root and cellular level, just officially launched its first retail experience in Paris’ La Samaritaine department store.

Kisić Mamić, a native of Croatia, grew up within the hairdressing world — along with her family being within the business for 45 years. The chief’s goal with Flora is to supply people personalized, holistic routines which have sensory and scientific elements, and are effective on each the scalp, which has an ultra-sensitive microbiome, and hair.

Kisić Mamić, who consulted with luxury hotels while creating her own “hair spa” methodology, desires to create a recent paradigm with Flora.

The brand has its own its research and development and manufacturing in France.

Flora was prelaunched in locations resembling Joali Maldives, Joali Being and the Cheval Blanc Courchevel spa, in addition to in three Croatian locations.

Flora draws on 18 years of scientific research and created two patented complexes — FP5 Biome and FMP10 — developed specifically for the scalp. These are supposed to restore the microbiome balance and durably regenerate hair fibers.

Flora’s formulas are divided into three categories, and the products will be used alone or in tandem. Each formula includes the patented complexes, in addition to pure lively ingredients stemming from controlled origin, that are clean and derived from nature, while backed by science.

Step one among Flora’s protocol involves cleansing and detoxifying the scalp by removing impurities, restoring pH and rebalancing the microbiome. For this, Flora has two scrubs and the Scalp and Hair Detox Mask, plus two shampoos.

Step two involves treating and caring for the scalp. 4 serums — including the Serum No.1 Scalp Balance, with probiotics and marine bioactives — have regenerating and antiaging properties to assist rebalance the microbiome, stimulate collagen production and hair growth.

Within the second step, attention is paid specifically to the hair, with products Flora touts as fillers with the newest generation of biomimetic lively ingredients. There are two fillers, including Hair Filler No.10 Hyaluronic Acid, which is alleged to plump hair to make it more voluminous, hydrated, supple and glossy. This step also has a mask and two conditioners.

The six Pure Lively Ingredient Boosters, resembling hyaluronic acid, amino acids and lipopeptides, are billed to spice up the activity of every Flora formula tenfold for tailor-made, infinitely customizable product rituals.

Step three is about enhancement and protection, including an olfactory component, with the Miracle line that features biomimetic peptides. The Miracle Repair Serum was created to restructure and repair hair fibers on the within and shield them from the surface.

As one other a part of this step, there’s a group of fragranced hair mists and oils concocted with an in-house perfumer, Clémence Besse.

“We’re the one premium hair care brand on the planet to have its own nose,” said Kisić Mamić. “I wanted to provide this sensorial experience, indulgence and holistic approach.”

The six Miracle Perfume Oils include omega, to nourish and protect hair, while making it shine. The road also includes 4 Miracle Hair Mists.

Flora product prices range from 48 euros to 98 euros.

Kisić Mamić wouldn’t discuss sales projections, but industry sources estimate Flora will generate upward of 1 million euros in its first yr on shelf.

The Flora Hair Spa is in La Samaritaine’s Hair Studio on the minus-one floor. The treatments begin with an olfactory experience, testing out the brand’s six fragrances, that are island-themed, and selecting a favourite, which is able to change into the scent used throughout the service.

Flora in La Samaritaine

That’s followed by a micro-camera diagnosis and the filling out of a transient questionnaire. There’s a head massage, then a quartz comb is used, followed by a prescription for tailor-made products, including the boosters which might be activated by steam from the Hair Spa Mist II, technology from Japan.

Head massages are sprinkled throughout the protocols, which mix massage techniques from around the world, and a blow-dry rounds out the treatments.

On offer are the deep detox scalp and hair treatment, which lasts for half-hour and goes for 115 euros to 150 euros; the 40-minute pro-collagen hair and scalp treatment, which runs 115 euros to 180 euros, and the 40-minute stem cell hair and scalp treatment, also for 115 euros to 180 euros.

A tailor-made treatment can last between 15 and 50 minutes, and is priced from 60 euros to 250 euros, while the 10-minute express treatment runs from 40 euros to 60 euros.

Flora’s Miracle Blowdry Bar is present in nine cities, including Sao Paulo, Latest York and Shanghai, offering nine styles.

The brand is just starting its rollout.

“In the longer term, our distribution might be upscale resorts, wellness retreats, antiaging clinics, malls, area of interest beauty stores, area of interest perfumeries and concept stores,” Kisić Mamić explained.

Flora is independently owned, but she’s searching for investors.

“Especially when we’re going to hit the American market, which is planned for 2024,” Kisić Mamić said.

Expansion can be planned for the European and Asian markets.

“That is so unique, we would like to overcome the world,” she said.

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