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28 Mar

G-Star Raw Releases AI-designed Denim Collection

G-Star Raw goes deeper into the technology space with its latest denim launch.

The style brand on Tuesday released an AI-designed denim collection that was created with AI app Midjourney. With the app, G-Star Raw created 12 cape-like denim designs and ultimately manufactured one style, which will probably be displayed on the brand’s Antwerp store. 

“Innovation is ingrained within the G-Star DNA,” said Gwenda van Vliet, chief merchandising officer at G-Star Raw. “We imagine in giving our fashion designers the liberty to bring their dreams through AI. While anyone could make a design using AI, at G-Star Raw we’ve got the craftsmanship to make those designs into real garments. We must always see AI as enhancing the creative process, quite than taking it over.” 

G-Star Raw’s AI-designed denim.

Courtesy of G-Star Raw

G-Star Raw’s AI-designed denim collection falls in keeping with the recent wave of AI technology infiltrating the style industry. There have been apps corresponding to Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, that are art and image generators, and ChatGPT, which generates elaborate written responses based on a user’s prompt. 

While these AI platforms are still latest to the style world, some firms have already began embracing them. For instance, Pantone looked to Midjourney last December to create an immersive visual experience for its 2023 Pantone color of the 12 months, Viva Magenta. 

The AI-designed collection can also be G-Star Raw’s first major initiative of the 12 months. Last 12 months the brand introduced a “Haute Denim” hat collection created by designer Stephen Jones. The brand also released a campaign last fall featuring model Cara Delevingne for its fall denim campaign.

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