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28 Mar

Christina Aguilera Opens Up About Dealing With “Male Opinions”

Until recently, it was enough to be a critically acclaimed recording artist, a one-woman corporation reporting year-over-year revenue growth, and a pop icon without hyperbole. From today on, along with the opposite duties involved in being Christina Aguilerashe is going to assume one other role she was born to play: cofounder and chief brand advisor of Playgrounda boutique range of non-public lubricants intended to raise sexual health. Subtract petrochemicals and shame; add skin-care ingredients and the word “wellness.”

Founded in 2022 by beauty commerce veteran Catherine Magee and product development expert Sandy Vukovic, Playground’s ambitions scale well beyond 3.7 fluid ounces. The brand’s tagline is “Up for fun, down for anything,” which can explain the choice to bring on an internationally famous executive on the outset of its next growth chapter. It is a savvy move for all involved: The sexual wellness market is growing rapidly — and its climax is nowhere in sight.

It is a wonder Aguilera has any time in any respect, let alone quarter-hour to Zoom with a stranger (I’m being coy — we have met once before), but she made herself available (camera off, display name “xtina”). She is clearly captivated with this project, acknowledging the vogue for celebrity-fronted brands while emphasizing that there isn’t any brand she would relatively front than this one.

For one thing, intercourse has been a recurring theme in Aguilera’s creative work. For one more, her eight-year-old daughter, Summer, has passed the age Aguilera was when she began performing and the mission to set a positive example has turn into personal. Aguilera doesn’t call herself a sex symbol, but she is aware of how she symbolizes sex. “I’ve at all times wanted women to feel comfortable enough and protected enough to explore what it’s that makes them feel good,” she says. “It’s a no brainer that I’d do that.”

Allure: How’s your day going to date?

Christina Aguilera: Really good, really chill. I’m enthusiastic about this. That is something that is sort of a personal project for me, so it’s —  Oh, my God! I just felt my shirt. Literally, I asked if there was a tag in my shirt, because I used to be like, “I can not.” When my makeup artist was helping me prepare today, I said, “Make sure that there aren’t any tags in my shirt.” I reached back there to itch myself, and there is a tag in my shirt. Anyway…

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