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4 Apr

Gabriel Moses: “If kids can see themselves in my

Working with gently diffused lighting from a single overhead source, skin tones are richly contrasted and colors appear dusky, embracing the shadows of sparsely lit sets to tackle a deeper, pulsating energy. It’s no surprise to listen to that Moses has long admired religious artwork and iconography. Not only are his sitters often illuminated by a celestial glow, their gravitas and powerful sense of character befit biblical paintings.

In his film work, Moses’ evocative type of narrative is equally impressive. Directing his focus toward sport, his ability to pair the fantastic thing about athletic movement with emotionally arousing storytelling has seen him produce movies for each adidas and Nike. Ijó, the primary of the exhibition’s two movies, is a similar flex, following a group of young ballet dancers on the Leap of Dance Academy in a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria.

I’ve all the time been involved in making a film around ballet. From ballet to karate to basketball and football, I’ve all the time appreciated the way in which the body moves.” Unlike previous projects, nonetheless, the chance to return to the country of his parents’ birth offered something special. It was vital to place a highlight on Nigerian talent,” says Moses. Those kids are going to realize amazing things, so if other young kids can have a look at that and see themselves, then my job’s done.”

His second film, Regina, reflects something more personal. Regina’s the name of my studio, nevertheless it comes from the Latin for queen, so it’s almost a nod to the ladies in my life, like my mum, my grandma and my sister.”

He describes the film as a window into his world – one which is able to undoubtedly expand right into a universe as Moses continues his current trajectory. And with plans for a first feature film on the horizon, he knows higher than to rush. I’m 24, so I’m very aware that I’ve got a lot of time,” he says. It’s about getting it right.”

Gabriel Moses’ Regina’ exhibition is open from 5th-30th April. Tickets cost £10 (£5 concs) and can be found to buy at 180thes​trand​.com

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