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25 Dec

Hailey Bieber Wins Beauty Inc’s 2022 Newcomer of the

Newcomer of the 12 months:

Hailey Bieber, Founder, Rhode 

In a 12 months that saw myriad celebrity skincare launches, one star shone brighter than others: Hailey Bieber’s Rhode. Bieber, whose every fashion and beauty move is chronicled and infrequently copied by her 50 million-plus social media followers, could easily have created a brand that capitalized on her fame with mediocre formulas and aggressive marketing. But as a substitute, she tapped a number one chemist and dermatologist to seek the advice of on Rhode, creating a decent lineup of products that were each differentiated and effective. Bieber, who said she spent much of the pandemic learning the ins and outs of skincare, also proved to be an excellent marketer. Glazed doughnut skin became the buzzword of the 12 months, and Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid sold out inside 10 minutes of launch. The initial hype continued — Peptide Lip Treatment sold out five times in six months (with a wait list of greater than 314,000), while Peptide Glazing Fluid sold 36 units a second during a recent restock. As sweet as that success is, Bieber is in it for the long haul, tapping industry Melanie Bender as chief executive officer in November.

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