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15 Dec

Helena Christensen Says ‘Take the Plunge’

Helena Christensen Says

IS IT COLD ENOUGH YET?: Helena Christensen Says Helena Christensen joined Dodiee founder Elisa Dahan at a low-key cocktail party Tuesday night on the label’s pop-up store in Latest York’s SoHo.

A fan of designers who enhance women’s curves, Christensen said she loves Dodiee for that reason. Wearing a body-hugging black knit dress with an open back, the irony of the style she selected for the cocktail party was not ignored. “

It’s funny that I ended up wearing something black. I’m a really colourful person. I normally never wear black. Persons are surprised after I do. The lavender is my number-one color. Hot pink? Yes!

Also, the neon lime green is a really daring color to make use of in a group and using it in curvaceous designs is a really daring, cool method to exhibit a girl’s body,” she said of the Dodiee line.

Christensen, a photographer, still shoots day by day and would love to do work for a newspaper. Over the past five years she has traveled to varied refugee camps through her work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

There, she has photographed legions of ladies and kids, and has written about their personal stories. “That’s what my real passion is: to photograph people world wide, to inform their stories and honor them with portraits,”

Christensen said. “Considered one of the things I’m most anxious about is, ‘Is there enough time left for me to go to all over the place I’d like to go to — to fulfill as many individuals as possible, experience as many cultures as possible?’”

Helena Christensen

As for her 23-year-old son Mingus Reedus’ modeling pursuits, she said the faculty student is more excited by music and every so often will do a modeling job. “It’s a superb way for him to save lots of up money in order that he can concentrate more on music and film, when he’s done [with school]. He creates all his music on his computer

— he sings, he writes, produces the music and mixes it,” Christensen said. “It’s very interesting since it’s a mixture of what I hoped might need influenced him from what I listened to when he was in my belly and growing up. Clearly, he has his own personal tackle it. It’s very cool. I adore it.”

While her Instagram posts about polar plunges have divided some followers, taking the plunge is routine for her. A video of her splashing in an icy river beneath falling snow generated nearly 22,700 comments earlier this week. Keen to encourage others to do it to reap the health advantages,

Christensen noted how the frigid waters also offer mental ones. “We actually need and need to feel a peaceful peace inside. Plunging like that resets all the things — your brain, your body. Anything mental just goes

[snapping her fingers for effect] to zero and restarts. It makes me very completely satisfied when people comment that I inspired them to do it,” she said. “That’s why I post them. Yes, it’s challenging.

You’ve gotten to start out slowly but I crave it. Each time I’m near water that I can get into [legally] I just jump in. I’d try this within the Hudson [River] if that was possible, however it’s not,” she said, laughing.

Heading to Copenhagen for Christmas, Christensen is looking forward to having fun with among the country’s historic traditions along with her family. “And it’s my birthday the identical day so it’s pretty good,”

she said. That can include a Christmas-day plunge in Copenhagen Harbor. “That harbor water is definitely very clean so you possibly can jump into it.”

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