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22 Aug

Here’s Find out how to Gracefully Grow Out a

Here’s Find out how to Gracefully Grow Out a

In case you’ve landed on this page, likelihood is you’re wondering the best way to grow out a pixie cut. We get it — getting an excellent short haircut can feel liberating, daring, and fun. There’s a reason why celebs like Karrueche Tran, Florence Pugh, and Doja Cat have jumped on the pixie hair bandwagon at one point or one other. But growing it out? Well, that’s a process that might be awkward and hard to style.

On this story, we’re delving into every aspect of going from short to long hair, specializing in the center transition. We tapped top hairstylists to share their tips about the subject so you may rest assured your hair will still be on point every step of the way in which.

Whether you’ve decided to take up extensions or simply need to play with different pixie cut styling techniques, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Meet the experts:

On this story:

How long does a pixie cut last?

Based on the National Library of Medicinethe healthy hair growth rate is 0.35 millimeters per day, which is roughly 0.5 inches per thirty days or six inches per 12 months. “The time it takes to grow out a pixie cut varies depending on one’s genetics, overall health, hormones, and age,” says Azadeh ShiraziMD, a board-certified dermatologist at La Jolla Dermatology and Laser in California.

Dr. Shirazi notes that some people may experience faster hair growth, while others could have slower growth rates. “Studies show aspects just like the pigmentation of hair (white versus naturally darker pigmented hair) and placement of hair on the scalp may vary in growth rates. White hair grows at a rather higher rate than pigmented hair while hairs on the back of the scalp show higher growth rates than hairs on top of the scalp.”

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