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11 Feb

Heron Preston Embraces the Rawness of Old Latest York

Heron Preston Embraces

BROOKLYN — Heron Preston can have been born and raised in San Francisco, nevertheless, it’s Latest York City that actually inspires him.

That’s the explanation he returned after showing for several seasons in Paris and can host a show in his adopted city on Saturday. This may mark the primary official runway show as a part of Latest York Fashion Week for the buzzworthy designer, who attended the Latest School’s Parsons School of Design, created a breakout collection with the NYC Department of Sanitation and served as a creative consultant for Calvin Klein.

“The primary fashion shows I ever went to were in Latest York,” Preston said during a casting and preview of his fall collection at a studio within the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, Latest York, earlier this week. “That was before I used to be even getting invited to fashion shows — I needed to sneak in. It was early 2004-2005 when shows just felt so raw. They weren’t so overproduced. I miss that sort of rawness, so whenever you come to my fashion show, it’s going to feel like that old Latest York that I remember.”

His show, which is titled “Anything Goes,” will offer up Preston’s distinct tackle fashion — an aesthetic that features all the things from streetwear staples similar to graphic T-shirts and hoodies to tech-worthy pieces similar to 3D-printed sneakers and Tyvek suits. There will likely be loads of Latest York City references; classic Americana and workwear pieces, similar to varsity jackets and patchwork denim, plus silk dresses juxtaposed with barbed wire details and chainmail shirts.

“I grew up watching all these Latest York movies and I just desired to live here,” Preston said. “That actually called me. I’m like a sponge; I just moved here and commenced absorbing the culture and the feel. I checked out the town like layers of materials and that’s what this collection is about. It’s about found objects contrasted with all these different materials — from the chainmail to the barbed wire pieces.

“It’s about taking just a little little bit of what we’re aware of after which twisting it,” he continued. “That’s sort of my thing. How repeatedly are you going to design a T-shirt or a hoodie or a pair of pants? So it’s about elevating these core pieces through the DNA of the brand that I’ve been developing over time.”

He said the show will explore the boundaries of this world he has created and expand it. “I feel like I’m at some extent in my profession as a designer where I can start to construct on what I’ve established,” he said.

One recurring theme for Preston has been sustainability. For his show, he sent out 400 one-of-a-kind invitations that were created from trash he collected from around Latest York. The invitation reads partially: “Less latest paper. Less latest material. Less environmentally destructive. In my book, less is more and circularity is cool.”

He explained: “It’s speculated to represent extending life and circulation, reclaiming what already has been made and still exists in perfect condition.”

He said fashion show invitations usually are not functional. “More often than not, they find yourself within the trash. So I said, why don’t I just go to the trash and find stuff that’s in perfect condition and might still be used? I used to be in search of clean, flat surfaces that would hold all the small print of the style show.”

He said it was like “this big scavenger hunt, walking through Latest York City, Brooklyn [and] Chinatown. I might pick up things and walk with them. And sometimes once I would look closer, I might see dog pee, so I might drop that. It was definitely a process.”

Heron Preston

Krista Schlueter/WWD

The invitations were then sent out on pieces of shoe boxes, egg cartons and other items that weren’t fouled by urine, turning them into treasures that could be keepsakes, he said. “But in the event that they find yourself back within the trash, that’s a win too, because that’s where it got here from. It’s a less-is-more approach.”

Although he’s keen on what he has created, Preston is probably most enthusiastic about finally with the ability to share his collection along with his community.

“I live here, it’s my home turf, and I began presenting ideas to the general public in Latest York City,” the designer said. “I actually missed the people here and it’s going to be like a reunion — seeing the style crowd and the sanitation crowd and all these different mixes of individuals coming together. Life doesn’t really have meaning until people start to interact together with your work and your product.”

Preston said the show will likely be a “full-on family affair” for him. “There are individuals who don’t ever come to Paris — individuals who may not even work in fashion,” he said. “There are plenty of family and friends who’ve been following the brand and who last saw me in 2016.”

Because his retail accounts similar to Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Ssense only carry a small selection, the show may even allow his posse to see the complete breadth of what he does. “I used to be like, ‘Guys, I achieve this way more. You only do not know since you don’t get to come back to Paris, you don’t get to come back to the show.’ In order that’s why I actually wanted to come back back to Latest York.”

During his break from the runway, Preston continued to hone his skills by working at Calvin Klein and partnering with other firms similar to Mercedes-Benz and Levi’s.

He said his time at Calvin Klein was especially useful because he learned a lot concerning the history of fashion and designing to quite a lot of body types. “It was a extremely interesting perspective whenever you start taking a look at very basic clothes,” he said. “It’s not necessarily fashion anymore. It’s more about comfort and fit and shape and sizes. I needed to define that and I used to be excited to make something I knew people would wear day by day.”

Eschewing the normal fashion rat-race where things need to vary every season and shows must be Instagram-worthy may even be evident at Preston’s show. He said the setting will likely be “very stripped down — minimal” and can embrace the “rawness of the space.”

“It’s different,” he said, “but that works for me. Remember, anything goes.”

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