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31 Dec

Holiday calendar: meet the Dazed Club creative community

From Liv Tendlarz’s surreal reimagining of Harmony Korine’s Gummo, to Ana Tanase’s beautifully irregular jewellery designs – we highlight some amazing work from our Dazed Club members

This month Dazed Club has been sharing a few of our members’ work, as a highlight reel of 2022, and our gift to… ourselves. The Dazed Club Holiday Calendar is a project running for 25 days in December, celebrating club members’ work in every day emails and platforming recent voices in weekly round-ups right here. Below, try a number of the entrants, including Liv Tendlarz’s collection, inspired by one in all our favourite movies, Gummo, Ana Tanase, who makes irregular jewellery by hand, and Blanca Espinoso’s surreal collages. 

In case you’d prefer to submit your work, find the temporary HERE or turn into a Club member HERE.

“Hi everyone, my name is Liv Tendlarz. I used to be born in Argentina and I’m currently doing my MA in Future Materials at Central Saint Martins. I’m submitting my BA collection called GUMMO, which was inspired by the 1997 movie GUMMO by Harmony Korine.

“My objective with this collection was to create something memorable – and in my view, we only remember the things we hate and love. That’s why I mixed colors and textures that aren’t that trendy or that you just don’t see that always. 

“I hope that in 2023 I’ll start experimenting with recent materials which might be each progressive and useful for the people and planet. I want to bring these recent materials into the style world to be able to develop smart garments.”

“I began ANMAES BEADS in November 2021 as a type of creative exploration. ANMAES BEADS is a home made jewellery brand from London, UK with all materials being sourced from independent sellers and upcycled when possible from throughout. All pieces and materials are holding a singular value of their very own, similar to their wearers.

“With this brand, I’m attempting to have a good time uniqueness and individuality as much as possible and eliminate the so-called beauty standards that all of us fall for sometimes. As all the things is handmade from natural pearls, stones, and other findings, nothing is ideal, and the aim is to realize an unconventional type of perfection that inspires people to be more themselves and fewer about what society defines as “perfect”.

“In 2023, I’m planning on expanding ANMAES BEADS by collaborating with other designers and creating more editorial work with photographers. Overall, I hope ANMAES BEADS will unfold in being a collaborative project with other great, inspiring humans, reasonably than simply something isolated, of my very own.”

“I’m Blanca Espinoso, originally from Madrid and currently studying Creative Direction for Fashion on the London College of Fashion. I’m enthusiastic about storytelling, and make collages by mixing media from existing imagery found online, and “random images” from my friends and my very own camera rolls.

“I take advantage of color, shapes, and textures to formulate visual poems following a Dadaist approach. I try to not overthink what’s contained in the pieces, but focus as an alternative on find out how to play with them contained in the composition. It could feel like placing strangers in the identical room, they’d have never met one another but in some way they get along. 

“In addition to specializing in fashion, I prefer to play with art and furniture design, and likewise explore the ability of visual languages to push language barriers.”

“These are some images I’ve taken on a shoot for a fashion film I’m making, in addition to the zine I’m working on. The zine is named Deja Brew and it’s all about tea!

“I’ve really had a good time with each projects and have had complete creative freedom which has been refreshing. In 2023, I need to push myself even further to create something that is solely for me and has no industrial value, simply to see what I can provide you with once I’m not worrying about briefs or deadlines.”

“As a member of the Filipino Diaspora, I feel disconnected from my roots, and I need to embrace and create a lovely eulogy for my culture while I’m distant from my motherland. These three animated gifs are portraits of the necessary women in my life: my grandmother, mother and myself. I’d describe them as love letters for them and myself, hiding my message in plain sight, unless you look closely.

“I hope that in 2023 I can do a solo exhibition of my practice – with workshops and a DJ! I need to point out my grandmother back home, who I miss, how I’m celebrating and embracing the Filipino culture as a first-generation migrant kid within the UK.”

“My name is Libby Cooper. I’m a 20-year-old nude photographer, based in London. Shortly after graduating in 2020, I created a project called Born To Be Nude. It’s a series dedicated to making a secure space to have a good time nudity without sexualisation. I aim to assist alter the narrative surrounding nudity and photograph people in a more free-spirited and vulnerable way. I’m endlessly inspired by the incredible people I work with and am surrounded by, in addition to taking inspiration from renaissance imagery.

Born To Be Nude has been featured in Best Of PhotoVogue, Feminist, Zoella, and CuratedByGirls. This project has helped me a lot with my body image and I hope it has such an impact on others. In 2023, I hope to curate an exhibition with a few of my favourite artists.”

“My name is Rico Ibrahim (they/them), and I’m the co-founder and editor of Anri Graphic Zine. We’re a UK-USA co-based magazine began this yr by me and my friend Jordan Chimimba, alongside Obie Ike as video editor and Santiana Gripper on social media. We’re on a mission to create a community and answer the questions lots of people draw back from answering.

We’re currently on our second issue, titled “Formal Tradition”. This issue challenges and discusses the concept of how fashion and the view of being skilled and formal have led to the death of traditions and traditional clothing. In our first issue, “Music + Movement = Art”, we asked six artists how music and movement influence their art and for them to attract that out while also providing an artist statement.

Starting a magazine and constructing a community from nothing hasn’t been a smooth road in any respect, and there’s still a lot for us to learn, but I understand it’s gonna be an exciting journey; I actually cannot wait to go on that journey and meet amazing creatives and construct Anri up along the best way!”

The Dazed Club Holiday Calendar is a project running for 25 days in December, celebrating club members’ work in every day emails and platforming recent voices in weekly round-ups on Dazed Digital. In case you’d prefer to submit, find the temporary HERE or turn into a Club member HERE

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