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7 Dec

Holiday Inspired Nails That Are Instagram Worthy – Essence


As we start the transition into winter and holidays with decorations brimming the cities and the weather lowering, now’s the proper time to get into the festive spirit with our nails. Let’s face it, we’ll vlog on Instastories from opening presents to flaunting Christmas eve outfits for the family dinner, and having a holiday-inspired set is the small detail that makes the entire look. 

What your nails seem like is pivotal for Instagram selfies or grabbing a Christmas-inspired Starbucks hot chocolate. Our favorites include the sweater weather, cable knit design with a great deal of shimmer, french ruby suggestions, or abstract swirls of greens. Aiming for golds or silvers will do the trick when you still need to get in on the vacation fun without compromising on a busy design. Regardless of what the last quarter of 2022 takes you, nothing beats having a fresh manicure. 

Before heading to the nail shop, you’re probably scrolling through Instagram or Twitter and searching for some inspo to your next set. We’ve rounded up one of the best holiday-inspired nail designs to take limitless nail-fies.

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