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31 Jul

Horoscopes August 2023: prepare for a steamy summer of

The heavens are heating up this August, as we move through a steamy summer within the trenches of Venus Retrograde, accompanied by the fiery theatrics of Leo Season. With the Sun gliding through the proud and powerful sign of the Lion, we’re called to embrace our desire to specific, play, create and, in fact, love. The sign of the Lion rules matters of the guts, and with Venus backtracking, we could also be examining our confidants and contacts with latest eyes. Quick to incite drama, but equally desirous to be loved. The self-proclaimed spiritual royalty of the Lion illuminates the innate divinity inside ourselves and others, and is quick to battle if that divinity isn’t respected or honored. 

Venus Retrograde is here to assist us proudly profess feelings, as our truth in dynamics becomes starkly obvious, up for examination and illuminated by the tough light of the Sun. Break-ups, make-ups, likelihood encounters with old flames, this summer is destined to be nothing wanting mythological. Overall, this transit is scaling up our ability to tug things towards us, and we may feel that manifesting reality with a lethal quickness. Simply put, Venus Retrograde is showing us what we attract and why. Themes of self-love and interpersonal grandiosity perpetuate through the month, and we’re encouraged to gravitate towards individuals who see us in our highest light. As all the time, Leo season is social, creative, playful and fun. We’re rockstars, we’re drama queens, we’re toddlers.

A Full Moon in Aquarius on the first offers us revolutionary insights and genius perspectives. Here, we’re shown where we’re ignoring our own truth with a view to bend to community needs, and the way group perspectives may differ from our own. It’s time to step as much as the plate, incite our own change. We want to dismantle the architecture of our friends’ vantage points, and march to the beat of our own drums. With War God Mars and Messenger Mercury gallivanting through the hardworking and diligent sign of Virgo, we’re productive and find enjoyment in staying busy. 

Mercury retrogrades in Virgo on the twenty third, prompting us to review, renew and repair our bodies. We’re inspecting our self-care, routines and each day rhythms. Also on the twenty third, the Sun graduates out of Leo and joins Mercury in Virgo. Party season is over, and we’re called to look at how we will pair our grandiose visions with pragmatic motion. Virgo is the grounded earth sign of the martyr, the healer and the neurotic. Here, we’re diligent and decisive, desirous to get things done. Virgo rules the small, each day actions that construct as much as comprise a life. Its shadow is perfectionism, hypercriticism and neurosis. As Mercury backtracks, we’re called to be less judgmental of ourselves and others. 

If the month began in flames, it ends in waterworks, with the paranormal Full Moon in Pisces on the thirtieth. Within the soppy sign of spirituality and delusion, we could also be feeling out of body, encouraged to put old daydreams to rest. This acts as a cosmic exit valve for anything we’d like to give up over to the divine.

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