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2 Apr

How Eighth Day’s Intensive Moisturizer Soothed My Dehydrated, Post-Treatment

In the only of terms, everyone knows that some skin types generally run dry, while others err towards oily. (Mine falls on the oily end of the spectrum.) But aspects apart from your genetics also dictate what your skin needs in a selected fast. This last winter, for example, even my scalp became dryer than usual. “The wintertime is at all times drier, and our skin [definitely] feels those effects,” says board-certified otalarygologist Kimberly Lee, MDwho practices facial cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills. Along with seasonal conditions, she adds that laser treatments are one other circumstance during which “the skin requires extra, intensive moisturization,” irrespective of the time of 12 months.

It just so happened that I used to be living each of those skin-drying realities concurrently, changing my product regimen from literally head to toe. After having received a series of treatments via the AviClear laser for my hormonal pimples, my complexion was dry, flaking, irritated, and red, and will not tolerate ingredients like retinol or chemical exfoliants. I started to slug with green balms nightly but needed something less greasy for the daytime.

Recent York-based, board-certified dermatologist Hadley KingMD, says that formulaically speaking, more intensive moisturizers draw upon different proportions of emollients and occlusives that must take special care to not grow to be pore-clogging, or comedogenic. Briefly, finding the precise texture in your particular skin condition is vital. As someone whose skin seemingly breaks out on the mere suggestion of a clogged pore, I started on the lookout for a potent, heavy-duty hydrator whose texture wouldn’t cause clogged pores or leave my shine-prone complexion looking oily. That is after I met Eighth Day Intensive Moisturizer.

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