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25 Mar

How one can Watch Georgina Rodriguez’s ‘I Am Georgina’

Model, mother, influencer and businesswoman — Georgina Rodriguez seems to have all of it on the surface, but fans have wondered who she is underneath in any respect. Rodriguez is best known to the world because the partner to world-famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

In Season Two of her Netflix series “I Am Georgina,” fans will get to see her day-to-day life through an in-depth portrait of the girl behind the Instagram posts and red carpet photos. The show will explore her relationship with Ronaldo and role as a mother, in addition to the more glamorous points of her life, from parties to shopping.

Rodriguez has been in a relationship with Ronaldo since 2016, when she met him at a Gucci retail store in Madrid where she worked as a sales assistant. She has had three biological children with the soccer player, although one in all their twins passed away after he was born but the opposite child survived.

Here, WWD takes a more in-depth have a look at the series and provides details on methods to watch it.

How one can Watch

“I Am Georgina” is out there exclusively on Netflix. Season Two premieres on Friday. Netflix currently offers 4 tier options for subscribers, including basic with ads, ad-free basic, standard for watching on two supported devices at a time and premium for watching on 4 supported devices concurrently. The show is out there in English, European Spanish, Italian, French, German, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Brazilian Portuguese.

A Spanish language poster for “I Am Georgina.”

What does Georgina Rodriguez wear?

Within the poster art of Season Two, Rodriguez wears a series of high-fashion looks from established design houses. In a single poster image, she wears an off-the-shoulder pink minidress from Carolina Herrera accessorized with a Coperni glass handbag. In one other, she wears a red Jakke Bailey faux-fur trimmed robe with a red lace jumpsuit underneath. In a 3rd image, also donning red, she wears a Galia Lahav satin evening dress as she poses lifting weights.

A Spanish language poster for “I Am Georgina.”

What was Georgina Rodriguez’s first job?

Prior to meeting Ronaldo, Rodriguez was a sales assistant at a Gucci store on Serrano, a street in Madrid known for its high fashion shops and luxury handbags.

What does the Georgina Rodriguez luxury lifestyle seem like?

The model and influencer is thought for her love of shopping, so we are able to expect to see her adding to her walk-in closet. She’s also a socialite and the show will give us behind-the-scenes access to opulent parties. Rodriguez can be seen on a yacht within the trailer.

A Spanish language poster for “I Am Georgina.”

What does Georgina Rodriguez wear for casual looks?

When she’s not wearing Carolina Herrera, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, Rodriguez is thought to sport Adidas, Alo Yoga sportswear for her workouts, Gucci sneakers and high-end streetwear like Vetements.

A still from “I Am Georgina” featuring Georgina Rodriguez on a yacht.

What about her Hermès bag collection?

Rodriguez is thought for showcasing her extensive collection of Birkin bags on her social media posts, and so they are seen in still-life images of her walk-in closet on “I Am Georgina.”

Listed below are a few of her most notable Hermès Birkin bags:

Hermès Birkin Himalaya

The Hermès Birkin Himalaya is crafted from the skin of Nile crocodiles and hand-dyed to supply a white-gray ombré effect to resemble the Himalayan mountains. Christie’s once sold a bag with a diamond clasp for a world-record auction price of $197,000.

Hermès Kelly

The Hermès Birkin is known for its waiting list and exclusivity, but so is the Kelly bag. Rodriguez has each the Kelly 25 and Mini Kelly in her collection. The typical price of an Hermès Kelly starts at $11,400.

Hermès Birkin in Ostrich

Rodriguez loves her Birkins and needed to have them in every fabrication possible. The Hermès Birkin in ostrich is one in all the rarest Birkins. The bag is thought to carry a gentle price between $23,000 and $26,000, in keeping with Sotheby’s.

Who has Georgina Rodriguez modeled for?

Rodriguez has appeared in campaigns for attire brand Genny, innerwear brand Yamamay and jewellery brand Chopard.

Details on Georgina Rodriguez’s engagement ring?

Although the precise date when Ronaldo and Rodriguez became engaged is unclear, she does sport a Cartier diamond engagement ring that reportedly costs 615,000 kilos (around $750,000) as a part of her extensive jewelry collection.

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