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25 Nov

How This Haircare Brand Found Its Way Into My

Haircare Brand Found

Haircare Brand Found Identical to many, in the course of the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, I discovered myself fooling around with my hair greater than ever. I explored my curls, reimagined my relationship with my hair on the whole, and discovered the latest brands.

One of those brands was Bread Beauty Supply. I discovered myself immediately drawn to the IG-worthy packaging (with women who seem like me on it, btw), the super inventive pouches, and the ingredients that made my hair healthier than ever.

After what’s now years of a love affair with the brand, I’m still in love — and these are the products that I’ll never have the option to get enough of.

Mud-Mask: Hair & Scalp Detoxifying Pre-Wash Clay Treatment

Bread Beauty Supply Curl Review

As someone with a sensitive scalp, there’s nothing I really like greater than a specialized treatment. That’s why the Mud-Mask: Hair & Scalp Detoxifying Pre-Wash Clay Treatment is my absolute fave. A novel combination of Kaolin, Bentonite,

and Moroccan Lava Clay Quartz gently detoxes the scalp and provides my hair a good-looking, soft, and glossy finish.  It’s perfect for once I’ve gone awhile and not using a super deep cleanse — which happens pretty often, to avoid drying out my scalp.

To start out, I separate my damp hair into 4 sections and apply Mud-Mask straight to the hair, from the scalp right down to the ideas of my strands.

After letting, it sit for about 20 minutes, so it will possibly truly penetrate, my hair feels squeaky, and I mean squeaky clean. From there I am going about my normal wash day routine and the result’s fresh hair that won’t be deep-cleansed again for a few months.

Not to say, the plaid design of the product is literally the loveliest ever. That alone may have you hooked.


Bread Beauty Supply Curl Review

With regards to curls, every cream isn’t created equal. Hair-cream is a 2-in-1 leave-in conditioning and repairing curl cream. It’s designed for all curl types, from coily through to wavy, and works especially well on my ultra-thick, low-porosity texture.

Mango butter, grape seed oil, and quinoa protein dish out the right emollience that hydrates and defines my curls without weighing them down or making them greasy.

I apply it on my damp hair in sections from root to tip, air dry my hair, and call it a day. My curls are left feeling bouncy, defined and totally hydrated. I really like that I don’t need every other product after using hair-cream.

Kit 1-Wash 

I’m a busy woman, so oftentimes I just like the complicated work done for me — like curating my wash-day routine. The Kit 1-Wash does that. So let’s run through the products.

You could call it a co-wash, but Bread calls it a Hair-Wash. I, nevertheless, call it Hair Heaven In A Pouch. This lightweight and sulfate-free formula with a milky texture is the magical and delicate solution to cleanse your strands.

With argan oil, aloe vera juice and lemon tea tree oil, hair-wash reliably cleanses your strands and scalp without stripping your hair. The intention could also be to simply clean the hair, but it surely dishes out a dose of moisture that can leave you wondering when you actually conditioned as well.

Bread Beauty Supply Curl Review

Then for the hair-mask. Let’s be clear — I’m quite the stickler on the subject of a mask. I like mine thick, but not too thick. Make sense? That’s why this one is literally my holy grail. Hair-mask is a silicone-free, creamy deep conditioner infused with emollient wealthy super-fruits,

like Australia Kakadu Plum and Starflower Oil. It might probably be used as each a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment or as your always-on conditioner. I take advantage of a generous amount every other wash day when my hair feels dry and in need of repair.

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