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27 Dec

In Honor Of National Nail Polish Day — Here


Nowadays there’s a national holiday for nearly every thing – literally. Not only does June 1st mark the official start of Pride Month, it’s also the mark to have a good time just a few national holidays. In honor of beauty and magnificence, the one which caught our attention is National Nail Polish Day. We decided to channel some holiday spirit by looking back at Cardi B’s best nail looks to encourage your next set.

Selecting the proper nail color and finding the precise design could be difficult, but luckily we’ve already done the work to seek out the perfect colours for spring and summer and where to purchase them. Nevertheless, a bit extra inspiration never hurts. Besides, Cardi B’s nail looks are sometimes very extravagant and unique, so she’s the proper source of inspo to dream up dazzle your next set.

The NYC born and raised icon shouldn’t be only a master at creating musical hits, we’ve also learned over time that she’s the Queen of completing day-to-day tasks with long nails. To go with her adored fashion sense, Cardi B often wears nails that match her outfit to finish the complete look. Whether it’s press-on nails or a crisp gel set, Cardi B’s most memorable nail designs will certainly encourage you to take your next set to the following level.

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