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5 Aug

Inside The Williamsburg Beauty Scene – WWD

A stroll through Williamsburg is like seeing the newest TikTok beauty trends come to life: glossed lips, slicked-back buns — each continuously accompanied by hoop earrings — and curls galore. Buzzed haircuts are available a spread of colours — from bleached blond to turquoise blue; winged eyeliner occupies outer eyelids on some, versus inner eye corners on others, and subtle eyelash extensions, calmly blushed cheeks and chrome nail art are also popular looks. A casual survey of pedestrians reveals that as diverse because the looks are, one products prevails over all others by way of popularity: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb for the win.

Jo Diaz:

“I’m pretty experimental with my look,” said 25-year-old Jo Diaz, whose recent hairstyles include a blond spiked updo and a curly blue mullet. “It was alleged to be electric blue — I by accident picked up Atomic Turquoise,” he continued, unfazed by the hair color mix-up. It’s just hair, in any case — not his seven-step skincare routine, which begins with a hypochlorous eczema spray “to assist kill pimples” and ends with Dr.Jart+’s Cicapair color correcting treatment to tackle redness. To top the look off, Diaz often fills in his mustache with a brow pencil, and seals the take care of Glossier Boy Brow.

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