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26 Feb

Interview With Shaolim Master Shi Heng Yi


Interview With Shaolim Master

Shi Heng Yi, a Shaolin master who teaches ancient knowledge from a 1500-year-old practice to modern living. The organization collects knowledge from different sources and folks to bring it back to the monastery. The knowledge is about studying the human being, understanding how the human body functions, and how you can use that knowledge to bring profit into life. The interview discusses the importance of caring for oneself and being aware of how one spends their time. The Shaolin training teaches physical awareness, which ends up in mental and psychological awareness. The interview emphasizes the importance of self-programming and the necessity to concentrate on what is occurring in a single’s mind. It also touches on the importance of community and the teaching of mindfulness.


Listed below are some excepts from the interview:

The Shaolin Way of Self-Awareness Full Interview with Master Shi Heng Yi

Have you ever ever desired to know more concerning the ancient ways of the Shaolin? Do you end up wanting to learn how you can turn out to be aware of your body and mind? Master Shi Heng Yi is a 1500-year-old Shaolin master who teaches modern living through ancient knowledge. We had the pleasure of interviewing him on the importance of self-programming, mindfulness, and community. Keep reading to learn more!

The Power of Self-Programming
Shi Heng Yi states that being mindful and aware of our actions can result in self-programming. Through his teachings, he encourages others to grasp their very own bodies higher, so that they could make higher decisions in life. He believes that when persons are aware of what their body needs, it helps them stay focused on their goals and ambitions. Having an understanding of 1’s body results in having an understanding of 1’s mind too. Having the ability to recognize our thoughts and feelings can assist us be more mindful in our day-to-day lives.

The Need for Community but the best community
Shi Heng Yi also notes that it can be crucial for people to have a way of community in addition to a way of self. It will be significant for people to have support from their peers or mentors to ensure that personal growth and development. He believes that having people around us who understand us can assist us be more conscious about our decisions and actions. Knowing that we will not be alone on this journey helps us stay motivated, focused, and accountable for ourselves and our decisions.

The Importance of Mindfulness Is Not A Trend But An Awareness of Universal Laws That Will Improve Life
Mindfulness can be a crucial factor with regards to personal growth and development in keeping with Shi Heng Yi. He emphasizes being present within the moment – specializing in the duty at hand quite than worrying concerning the future or ruminating on past events. Practicing mindfulness allows individuals to take charge over their thoughts as an alternative of letting their thoughts control them. By becoming conscious about our mental health, we are able to clarify decisions which ultimately helps us gain control over our lives.

We hope that the take away on this text brings awareness to the necessity for us all to concentrate on self-awareness! Master Shi Heng Yi and teachings remind us all how necessary it’s to be mindful of ourselves for inner growth – each physically and mentally – while also staying connected with those around us to ensure that personal growth and development inside oneself in addition to with others around them.

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