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10 Sep

Issa Rae And Hannah Diop To Appear On TODAY

TODAY Digital Cover star Issa Rae sat down alongside her sister-in-law, Hannah Diop, on Shop TODAY with Jill Martin to debate their latest enterprise, Sienna Naturals.

In response to the web site, Sienna Naturals is all about clean care innovation for textured hair. “By reimagining what textured haircare looks like with YOU at the middle, we have now created a latest approach to wash chemistry,” says CEO and Founder, Hannah Diop. “Our products repair hair health, starting at the basis. We go further to dermatologist-test our formulas to make sure our products are secure and non-irritating. That is our clean technology promise to you, our community.”

Issa Rae And Hannah Diop Discuss Their Haircare Line Sienna Naturals

Kicking off the brand new season, Martin talks to the actress and producer about her amazing profession, latest enterprise, Sienna Naturals, and more!

Take a look at the clip below. 

Article continues after video.

The total episode will air on TODAY.com on Thursday, 8/11.

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