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25 Aug

Jennifer Lawrence Doing Absolutely Nothing With Her Hair Is

Jennifer Lawrence Doing Absolutely Nothing With Her Hair Is

I’ve reached a critical crossroads with my hair — an ideal storm, for those who will. It’s totally long right away, which is great, but additionally boring, because before hair could be very long, it needs to be long, and before that, pretty long — so it has been long for a very long time. And on top of that, I’m having an overwhelmingly hectic summer that has left me with little time or motivation to really do anything with said hair. The temptation to cut has been strong. But Jennifer Lawrence has unwittingly swooped in and saved the day.

Lawrence was spotted in Latest York City on Wednesday, August 23, looking impossibly cool in dark blue wide-leg pants, a lightweight blue button-down shirt worn open over a black tank top, pointy black kitten heels, a sparkling necklace, an olive green tote, and oversized sunglasses. I realize if I try to recreate this outfit, I’ll look possibly one-tenth as chic. But her hair is one other story.

See, attempting to recreate Lawrence’s hair shouldn’t be an attempt in any respect. It’s sincerely effortless — not effortless-looking like some actually effort-full styles — and it jogs my memory how cool my very own very long hair can look if I mainly do nothing.

Take a look at Lawrence’s hair within the clearly annoyed photo below. Those are air-dried, natural waves if I’ve ever seen them. I do know because some areas a wavier than others — heat-styled waves would look more uniform — and there is even (dare I say it?) a bit frizz. It’s mainly the lowest-key version of the water-waves trend, and I find it irresistible. And it made me realize my very own long, unevenly textured hair (it’s wavy, curly, and straight abruptly) with its sporadic areas of smoothness actually looks pretty effing cool.

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