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8 Dec

Joy Sunday Has Us Under Her Spell – Essence

Wednesday, Netflix’s live-action tackle how the Addams’ family’s only daughter would fare in the fashionable world, is an authorized hit. (As if it ever could’ve been some other way.) The actors are experiencing explosive bursts of interest of their careers, and the show is already one among streaming platform’s hottest series ever.

The earliest plotline is easy: Wednesday Addams is erm..having a difficult time suffering bullies. So she’s sent to Nevermore Academy, Morticia’s alma mater and a college for the gifted.

Addams meets a number of literal characters, including her clairvoyant ancestor Goody Addams, her bubbly, fanged roommate, Enid, and her sometimes opponent, sometimes savior Bianca Barclay, a siren who’s disconcerted by Wednesday’s arrival. After all, there are more faces (the multitude of would-be love interests, a seemingly kindhearted but malicious instructor, and a gross-looking pilgrim are a number of), and the macabre central family besides.

Bianca, played by Joy Sunday, doesn’t cower to Wednesday. She not all for drooling over the teenager’s dark quips and emotional unavailability, as an alternative opting to query why she’s even at Nevermore.

We meet Sunday’s Bianca in a fencing classroom. Wednesday challenges her to a military-style match, with surrounding students not quite knowing if Barclay will scoff or take her peer on. She bests the pigtailed, ever-brooding girl, swiping her right above her left brow. It sets the tone for who Bianca Barclay is: expert and fueled by (as an alternative of terrified of) provocation.

Throughout the series, we learn more about Bianca, particularly the life experiences that shaped her. Better of all, we get to look at a layered Black girl be a queen bee and never apologize for it. If I had a siren song, I’d use it to grant Bianca a derivative.

ESSENCE: Did you grow up watching The Addams Family?

Joy Sunday: Absolutely not. (laughs) I’m Nigerian, and so there’s all this, I suppose, avoidance of things which can be spooky or supernatural. And so The Addams Family definitely fit into that. That’s to not say I didn’t try my hardest to sneak it in, so I definitely was acquainted with them and really intrigued by them. And I at all times loved the humor of it, but I never got to take a seat down and watch it fully until probably highschool or middle school.

Whenever you did get to look at it for the primary time, what was your perception of the show?

Well, I suppose I didn’t watch the show as much as the flicks. The films were, as I said, just really dark and funny. It was kind of gorgeous to see this family that basically embraced all of the darkness in one another. It made the scary stuff comfortable for me. Since then I’ve at all times been such a fan of horror and all its different subsets.

Joy Sunday Has Us Under Her Spell
Joy Sunday in ‘Wednesday.’ Cr. Kelia Anne/Netflix © 2022. In conversation with ESSENCE, Sunday expresses gratitude for her team, saying, “I just wish to, again, shout out my beauty team and my stunt team. They really, really helped me and held me together in my time there.. My barber Eph Onyegbule, Matthew Odediran, Ripley Pari, my makeup artist, Tia Costell, who also did makeup, Phedra Syndelle and Nailah Johnson, that was my team.”

Why was it key to have a Black woman be distinguished in Wednesday?

I believe the gorgeous thing about Bianca is that her and Wednesday butt heads because they see themselves in one another. I believe it’s so beautiful to have such the titular character relate to a Black woman in that way. I believe it also allows for the guard that folks put up once they get around Black women who’re too popular and who’re significant, Bianca permits you to really see past that and to grasp the insecurities and the softness that’s behind someone like that.

Do you’re thinking that Wednesday was intimidated by Bianca?

I believe they were each intimidated by one another. I mean, Wednesday actually is rather a lot higher at not showing it, but I believe they’re teenage girls, and as I said, they’re each really, really good at what they do and have yet to satisfy someone like the opposite. So naturally that will intimidate someone. I believe as you become old, you recuperate at welcoming that person versus being apprehensive. But I believe each of them in a short time mature in seeing the opposite as they’re.

Yeah. I believe the scene when Bianca scores some extent on Wednesday once they’re fencing military style, Wednesday, she’s form of shaken up like, “Wow, I believed I had that one within the bag, and she or he got me.”

So tell me about the way you landed the role.

Wow. So that is truthfully one among my favorite audition stories, I mean, because I got the job, but in addition it really got here together. It was actually months in the method because I prefer to imagine the rationale I got this job was due to a unique audition that I did for a similar casting director. It was one other series regular role. I believed I smashed the audition, but then after I was looking back on my tapes, this was in the course of the pandemic, I noticed that one among my scenes was blurry. But I didn’t have enough time to vary it, so I just needed to be like, “Ugh, it’s fantastic. It’s not that blurry, whatever.” I used to be so embarrassed.

Then months later, I get this audition from that very same casting director and I said, “Oh my gosh, I actually have one other likelihood to redeem myself.” And so it was a 4 page scene, but I worked on it with my friend for about an hour because I just desired to get it perfect. And a pair days later I came upon that I used to be pinned. Then a pair days after that, I came upon that I could be testing. Inside two weeks I used to be hired.


The audition, my test was over Zoom. It was Tim [Burton, the show’s director], a chemistry read with Jenna [Ortega, who plays Wednesday] and Percy [Hynes White, Xavier, Bianca’s ex] and the show runners were there as well, casting was there on Zoom.

I didn’t eat that morning. I used to be attempting to do yoga, meditate, all the things that I don’t often do. ‘Cause it was so nerve-wracking. But additionally it’s Bianca, right? So I couldn’t be shaking in the course of the audition, I actually had to drag it together. I believe it worked.

How did you prepare when you received word that you just’d been chosen for the role?

I did a number of anxiety Googling, including “The right way to be a series regular” and “What’s Romania like?” That was the premise, but I loved Bianca from the beginning and I loved crafting her.

I made a possibly I believe 4 page look book, each for wardrobe, which didn’t find yourself being that varied. I mean, we had school uniforms, but just how Bianca feels and the way she communicates, and the those who possibly she emulates herself after including… I mean, there was everyone on the PDF. I actually have to drag it up, but I do know that Naomi Campbell was there, for instance. So just a number of these Black women who I’ve looked as much as throughout the years.

I’d also love to listen to more about Bianca’s look, particularly your hair, the makeup for the Rave’N, and the several sartorial decisions.

In order that look was inspired by, I feel, an Afropunk picture that I had found. I showed it to the makeup team, they usually were gung-ho for it. We played around with different eyeshadow shades and the graphic liner as well. It was a painstaking process because we desired to add pearls and to make it form of sea-like. Each time that we needed to do it, and we needed to film that scene a few times over throughout different days. And so my makeup artist, Tia Costell, who I like a lot, meticulously placed those pearls every time and measured it out and made sure it was perfect for every frame. She did such a beautiful job executing the look. I showed them the inspiration, but after all they jazzed it up and, yeah, that’s the Rave’N look.

Article continues after video.

That’s such a big night,  because that’s the night that Xavier asks Bianca to assist him ignore Wednesday. It’s one among the primary times that we actually see her be more vulnerable. So how did you bottle the emotion that was vital to humanize her?

Well, I mean, it’s something that it’s familiar to me. I believe the rationale I relate so heavily to Bianca is because I too feel very… I’m very personable.I’m a people person. But I believe that’s because throughout the years I’ve needed to adapt to many alternative environments that I wasn’t necessarily welcome in. And so that you didn’t at all times know how you can feel protected with the those who you were around. So I actually tapped into that to find a way to relate to Bianca, and it was easy to explore that hurt of course.

I desired to loop back to Bianca’s look, because your head is shaved in your personal life and Bianca’s is as well. Was that an intentional alternative?

Well, I’ve had my head shaved for 10 years now, since I used to be in highschool. So it’s at all times something that I believed I looked good with, but in addition it was an enormous budget show and I miss braids. I used to be like, “Ooh, I like braids.” But they liked my natural look. I believe in a short time I made a decision, yes, it’s higher.

Additionally they really made sure to have a barber for me, Eph Onyegbule, he’s based in London. He was my barber for the primary half, after which he had one other barber are available to maintain me. So I at all times had someone, or for more often than not, I had someone who could do my hair, wave it up every morning, mousse it up, cut it, freshen it up, all the things. So I used to be thoroughly taken care of in that regard.

As someone who’s shaved their head before, I loved seeing a lady with their head shaved on this role. I believe in our community, it’s come to symbolize strength and knowing yourself, but at the identical time, it’s vulnerability. You possibly can’t hide behind your hair. What you see is what you get. I actually think that ties into the vulnerability we see Bianca come right into a later within the season.

After all. And it’s also almost an homage to where my family is from, because girls where my family is from, they often shave their heads for varsity. So it was pretty fun to find a way to bring that to the table as well.

I like that. In a previous interview, you’ve talked about being drawn to the darker side of media. What was it like working with Tim Burton?

Oh, it was a racket. He’s so whimsical, and he’s a jokester, a funny old man. I feel individuals who do benefit from the darker side of things are in a way making light of it. And I believe Tim personifies that in a number of ways.

I’d also prefer to go into the tense scene when Bianca’s mother unexpectedly shows up for the parents’ weekend. She appears to be a trigger to Bianca, after which she admits that her siren song is drying up. So are you able to give us a some background on that scene?

So to start out, Bianca’s relationship together with her mother is clearly contentious. Bianca is just not pleased with how her mother uses her powers, which is an element of the rationale why Bianca is at Nevermore because she desires to learn how you can use them for good. So she’s run away and otherwise has been capable of create a recent life for herself.

But when her mother finds her, all the things form of suddenly rushes back. We understand that perhaps for a while it was just Bianca and her mother and this character is available in who marries her mother, and clearly is someone that I will need to have met shortly before I left. So it’s really disappointing to learn that my mom is on full tilt on this direction and that she hasn’t chosen to take a unique path like I did. It’s not something that I need to be dragged back into because I’m really pleased with the life that I’ve been capable of construct for myself.

I also know that because we relied on one another for thus long, we used our siren song to survive. To know that my mom might find yourself in a precarious place because her siren song, she won’t find a way to make use of it anymore, is difficult for me to deal with just on a private level. But there’s also the specter of her ruining my life here at Nevermore.

So there’s rather a lot that Bianca has to contemplate in relation to her Mom’s siren song drying up because she does still have empathy for her mom. As abusive of a relationship because it may be, they still did rely upon one another all those years.

I believe it beautifully illustrates complex mother-daughter relationships, although there’s that form of fantasy element with the siren song, it still gets to the core of those tough relationships that some young Black women do have with their moms. So it was cool to see it illustrated in that way.

[Some are] inclined to view Bianca as a villain due to her spats with Wednesday, and Wednesday is alleged to be the protagonist. But by the tip, how do you’re thinking that people see her?

I even struggle with seeing her as a villain to start out with. Wednesday does pick a fight together with her after coming from a college for attempted murder. So I believe Bianca’s response to her is…


You’re a psychopath. You only tried to castrate someone with piranhas, so I’m sorry that I don’t want you at my school. 

My ex is clearly really into her. So after all I’m just thrust into insecurity. We’re very much the identical person. It’s like in case your mirror self suddenly was getting all the things that you just wanted, all the eye, all of the love. And so I believe less so a villain. Sure, an antagonist definitely. But due to that ability to see herself in Wednesday, there is also a protectiveness. And at the tip of the day, they’re on the identical side, and she or he, Bianca, has an ethical compass to grasp that Wednesday and her are on the identical team.

So I actually admire each women for coming together in that way. And who knows for season two, if there may be one. That’s not confirmed in any respect, but who knows how they arrive together. I’m sure there are people in your life who possibly you’re not the very best of friends with, but you actually understand one another and may sympathize. And I believe that’s definitely the trail for Bianca and Wednesday.

Thanks for calling out using the word “villain” because I used to be apprehensive to make use of it. I’m like, “That’s not likely what Bianca is.” But when you take into consideration traditional storytelling and if you could have anyone who’s butting heads with the protagonist, they’re routinely billed as a villain. Bianca’s someone that’s just concerned about her school and more importantly, concerned about her place on this planet when she’s are available contact with this girl who’s so just like her, such as you said.

And clearly it doesn’t go over my head going into it. I’m reading the script and I’m scared, after all, naturally. But then you definitely understand, you concentrate on the context and also you say, “Okay. Well, one, that is an attempted murderer that she’s fighting.” But additionally I believe in relation to seeing me, my character going up against Wednesday, that knee jerk response is comprehensible. But I believe that there’s a lot room for characters who’re played by Black actors. There’s a lot room if people really engage with the text and understand the complexity of all of it.

I do know you possibly can’t tell us, but do you’re thinking that there’ll be a season two?

I mean, when you guys keep loving on it, that will be the hope.

And while you possibly can’t confirm if there can be a season two, what would you prefer to see Bianca doing for the perfect next season?

Well, I do know a number of persons are protective of Bianca and don’t like her mom, but I’d like to see her mom redeemed. I’d like to see her mom get a second likelihood, second lease at life, identical to Bianca did. And I believe that’s what Bianca wants for her mother as well. And so I believe the theme of survival, what we’ve to do to get by, it really rings true for Bianca. And so I’d like to see that fleshed out and in addition to see where her relationship with Wednesday goes. I believe there’s a lot room to see a lot beauty flower between them and in that relationship. I believe there’s a lot that younger viewers can learn from. At first disagreeing with people, but then making an area for them in your lives, each for Wednesday and for [Bianca’s mother.]

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