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26 Feb

Kevan Hall | Fall Winter 2023/2024 | Full Show

Kevan Hall

Kevan Hall | Fall Winter 2023/2024 | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – NYFW/Latest York Fashion Week) #Kevanhall #FW23 #NYFW

The timeless statement “Diamonds Are Endlessly,” sung by the legendary Dame Shirley Bassey, acts because the inspiration for Kevan Hall’s Fall 2023 collection—titled FACETED. Hall looks to Bassey’s 1950’s glamor and rise to stardom that defined modern ideas of beauty and class. After many years of refinement, Hall’s latest collection continues his brand’s legacy of simplicity and impact. His gemstone palette includes emerald, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst hues which might be complemented by soft crepes and deep velvets. Gold embellished tweeds nod to Parisian classics, while entering into contemporary silhouettes with high gloss metal accents. Hand carved fur coats and matelassé carry the image of roses, and dyed threads are woven together to create unique tri-colored guipure laces. The diamond returns throughout Hall’s collection as a shadow fox poncho, cut-out evening dress, and as adorning high jewelry. For Fall 2023, Hall achieves a prismatic effect through the use of crystalline fabrics to refract light right into a spectrum of spectacular color.

Instagram: @KevanHallDesign
Facebook: @KevanHallFashion

Show Producer: DEBORAH LEE
Brand Manager: EVAN CURTIS
Associate Designer: RENALDO BARNETTE
Musical Arrangement: AUSTIN FISHER
Photographer: ARUN NEVADER
Publicist: VERY NEW YORK
Furs: SAGA FURS for Kevan Hall

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  • CASEY Andersen

    Started lackluster but definitely got a lot better. Everything else was fabulous after the first 2 or so minutes. The only other issue is he should never hire this woman again 7:34 — a gorgeous dress and let’s just say it wasn’t a good fit…for a lot of reasons…

    February 26, 2023 at 4:00 am
  • Michael Nicola

    Clean, chic, wearable,flattering, sexy….what else is there. ????????????????????????????????????????????????

    February 26, 2023 at 4:00 am
  • Saiful Zayanni

    Salute to Model Irina Kravchenko on 00:55..She has walked more than 541+ Shows to date…still committed

    February 26, 2023 at 4:00 am
  • Natalee Pack

    Хорошие воспоминания,мини,плиссе…70-е!

    February 26, 2023 at 4:00 am
  • Du

    So many pieces that I love!! Some of the cocktail dresses were amazing! The textures were stunning and the materials were gorgeous!! He did alot here that I just love!! There were a few pieces that I didn't love but you can't love every single piece. The last dress, the green one, I didn't really like that. The Cris's cross design felt like it should be in the back to me. And the pink or reddish dress with the side cutouts, I didn't like much but I bet it's stunning in person!! The suits and jackets were awesome!! Definitely could be used in any closet as business wear, dinner wear, or any outing honestly. I feel like there are several pieces that you can fit in your everyday life and some for nice dinners or party's and special occasions. There's something for everyone! The one thing that I didn't like was the furs. I imagine /hope that they were faux fur but they looked real, especially that first black one. I would rather that fur wearing not be glorified and definitely not glamified. Let's not do things to get people back into fur. Other than the fur, thus show was AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see more from him!!!!

    February 26, 2023 at 4:00 am
  • Erald Buba


    February 26, 2023 at 4:00 am