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14 Oct

Mielle Organics Founder Monique Rodriguez Dishes About Latest Mango

It began with a little bit of at-home experimentation from founder Monique Rodriguez and a few informative IG tutorials teaching Black women tips on how to look after their hair. Now eight years later, Mielle Organics is one in all the market’s most sought-after Black hair care brands—carrying upwards of 11 curated collections for all curly hair types and being shelved at over 100,000 retailers. Mielle Organics continues to exceed its customers’ expectations while staying true to the brand’s ethos of innovation and education. Rodriguez makes it a degree to take heed to her customers, whether keeping a detailed eye on the ever-changing trends on social media or catching up with consumers within the hair care aisle. 

Monique Rodriguez says her brand has seen great success because her top priority is keeping her customers on the forefront. Outside of running her curls-centered brand, Monique is a wife and mother. Juggalinging a global-scale business and a family is usually a difficult task. Still, she has fastidiously organized a team of execs with the identical values and fervour for her brand. This permits Rodriguez to remain on the heart beat of her customer’s needs while maintaining the utmost quality that her customers proceed to fall in love with yr after yr.

Mielle’s latest collection, Mango & Tulsi Botanical Mix, felt there was a spot out there for scalp health outside of the standard dandruff concerns. There was a necessity for products that catered specifically to the scalp health of consumers before and after protective styling. The lines golden ingredient is Tulsi, also often called holy basil. It’s wealthy in vitamin C and zinc and helps to keep up moisture within the scalp while improving scalp health and strengthening roots. Featuring six nourishing products, The Mango & Tulsi Botanical Mix Collection will leave your coils looking shinier and feeling stronger.

We caught up with Mielle Organics founder Monique Rodriguez on the cultivation of her Mango & Tulsi Botanical Mix, how she balances work-life balance, and what’s next for the industry-leading brand.

ESSENCE: Are you able to tell me what it has been wish to see your brand grow and develop such a detailed following? 

Rodriguez: In some ways, it has been such an incredible surprise. I don’t say that calmly because we have now worked so hard to construct this brand to be progressive and solution-focused, to interact and educate consumers, and to be a trusted and authentic resource for the textured hair community. But after I began experimenting with formulas in my garage and sharing my hair care advice on social media— I used to be doing something I loved – and creating products I wasn’t finding on the shelves. I didn’t realize what it could grow to be – 8 years, 11 collections, greater than 100,000 stores, and 1 million followers later! It has been a rewarding journey, and my best days are still those I spend talking with a customer within the hair care aisle!

What pain points did you see out there that you just felt the Mango & Tulsi Botanical Mix Collection would alleviate? 

We take heed to our customers and watch trends within the industry. We saw the necessity to expand on products tied explicitly to the scalp and the hair’s health as an entire. With innovation all the time on the forefront of the brand, it was necessary for us to tackle these issues in a way that wasn’t done before. We wanted to search out recent ingredients and even higher formulations. That is where Tulsi is available in, making this launch the primary collection for textured hair to feature this ingredient.

Who would you say this line is geared towards? 

Products to keep up the hair/scalp underneath protective styles are one in all the most well liked haircare trends consumers are keen on. Scalp health is gaining more influence in haircare, with the main target going beyond dandruff and becoming a general marker for healthy hair. Besides styles, there are an array of other aspects that may weaken and break the hair. We created this line for the curly and coily hair consumer who understands hair health is the inspiration of lovely hair.

What’s your favorite product from the gathering? 

One in all my favorites from the road is the Mango & Tulsi Nourishing Fast 3-IN-1 Serum. It’s essential for me because it helps to repair damaged hair & split ends. It really works to seal cuticles for smoother, shinier-looking hair and helps to replenish my scalp for improved roots & stronger strands – all with a good looking tropical scent! As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I really like that it gives my hair the facility of a 3-in-1 product.

Tulsi is a recent component that you just don’t see many other brands using. How did you discover it, and why in companion with mango? 

Mielle saw a trend where our consumers’ hair and scalp were being compromised. Each were undernourished, and nobody within the textured hair care marketing was truly addressing this. The scalp is a bridge between skin and hair and an extension of your face. It then made sense to leverage skincare for ingredients, and Tulsi is a trending ingredient in skincare that we also learned greatly benefited the scalp. Tulsi is often called holy basil and is wealthy in vitamin C and zinc. It helps to keep up moisture within the scalp, improving scalp health and strengthening roots. While Tulsi greatly advantages the scalp, we also wanted a strong ingredient for hair nourishment. We paired Tulsi with Mango since it is wealthy in antioxidants and vitamins A & C and restores and balances moisture in hair (plus, it smells delicious). And there you’ve got it… Mango & Tulsi is the primary botanical collection for textured hair that nourishes hair and scalp back to health.

Many ladies have gotten frustrated with the natural hair movement and choosing perms and relaxers again. How can Mielle go about addressing the change within the natural hair space?

As innovation in haircare continues to evolve, we’ll keep our ear to the consumers, listening and leveraging technology and science to deliver inexpensive solutions to fulfill the needs of our ever-changing customers.

As an entrepreneur who grew this business from the bottom up, what principles do you reside by that has helped you maintain success? 

I all the time keep the client first. I learn from every interaction with customers, making that ongoing connection a top priority. I surround myself with a team of intelligent, high-energy, ambitious experts who’re also wildly good humans. I intentionally try to keep up and model a balance between work and residential, and quality time with my family is sacred. And I actually have all the time been guided by my faith. It’s what began me on this journey, and it keeps me grounded and grateful daily.

How do you balance running a successful global brand while being a wife and mother?

Juggling a profession and motherhood is tough regardless of who you might be! I actually have learned to spend my time on the areas where I actually have essentially the most passion and add essentially the most value – product innovation, creative/marketing, and customer engagement. However the secret to my success is surrounding myself with talented individuals who share our vision, see the potential, like to innovate, and move fast—starting with my incredible husband, who leads all our operations. When you’ve got a team of individuals you admire and trust helping construct your online business, you may step away with total confidence. It’s a careful balance, and it’s not all the time perfect – but I’m so blessed to live this beautiful life.

I understand it’s imperative so that you can take heed to your customer’s needs. With that said, what hair concerns are you able to see Mielle addressing in the long run? 

Innovation and education are at the inspiration of the Mielle brand. We love nothing greater than finding unique formulations and ingredients that improve the look and health of our customers’ hair after which helping them learn the most recent usage techniques and suggestions. You’ll proceed to see that from us, so be looking out for brand new products and solutions coming soon!

You possibly can shop the brand new Mango & Tulsi Botanical Mix Collection below.

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