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7 Apr

Mini Twists Are TikTok’s Latest Protective Style Fixation —

Many consider mini twists merely a stepping stone on the solution to a beautifully bouncy twist-out. But before you rush to unravel your two-strand twists, perhaps you must consider wearing them as a glance all on their very own. Mini twists are the unassuming protective style making rounds on TikTok currently (the hashtag #minitwists already has 65.8 million views) and it’s no wonder individuals are catching on to the appeal.

“Mini twists are a low-maintenance protective hairstyle for natural hair,” says Sabrina Rowe Holdswortha Latest York City-based hairstylist and founding father of NTRL by Sabs. “They will show you how to retain length and moisture, in addition to provide a flexible base for many various styles.” Celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and Tabitha Brown consistently prove how versatile mini twists are, wearing them in hairstyles like half-up ponytails and side-part bobs.

Meet the experts:

There are numerous things to think about when getting mini twists, including the quantity of effort it takes to create them and the way long they last.

Ahead, hair experts break down every little thing you’ll must know to realize the have a look at home.

On this story:

What are mini twists?

Mini twists are a protective style that involves small sections of two-strand twists. “Each bit of hair is repeatedly crossed over the opposite making a rope-like pattern,” says Ashanti Johnsona Chicago-based hairstylist and braider who works with synthetic braiding hair brand Rebundle. The style might be done solely on natural hair, or with kinky texture extensions so as to add a little bit of length and fullness.

Tools you will need

To offer yourself mini twists at home, your styling station ought to be prepped with:

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