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2 Oct

My body, my alternative: Gucci will help its US

In 2019, Alessandro Michele showed a 97-piece Cruise collection at Gucci, stamping “my body, my alternative” onto the backs of blazers, while adorning Grecian-style dresses with sequined ovaries, and emblazoning capes with “22/05/1978”, the date Italy officially decriminalised abortion. A mere stone’s throw from the Vatican, the placard-pieces were sent out amid a growing battle over abortion rights within the US, following the news that Alabama had overturned Roe v Wade – the 1973 case that legalised abortion. 

That ruling proved to be a precursor to way more daunting fears surrounding reproductive rights, though, with leaked documents now claiming to evidence the US Supreme Court’s plans to vote in favour of overturning access to abortion this June – a choice that might immediately go into effect across 22 states. Beyond forcing women into potentially dangerous pregnancies, a backslide of this magnitude will do little to stop abortions. It would, nonetheless, stop secure abortions. In response to the surmounting panic, Gucci – very like Tesla – has committed to covering the prices of any US worker who needs access to reproductive health care.

“The corporate will now provide travel reimbursement to any US worker who needs access to health care not available of their home state,” the corporate said in a press statement. “Through the Chime for Change campaign, Gucci will even proceed to support partner organisations that enable access to reproductive health and protect human rights, especially for probably the most vulnerable.” Having advocated for gender equality since its inception in 2013, Chime for Change has raised $15 million to support projects in 89 countries, directly benefiting over 570,000 young women and girls globally.⁠

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