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23 Sep

NAD+ and Three Other Wellness Ingredients to Know About

NAD+ and Three Other Wellness Ingredients to Know About

Magnesium, colostrum, NAD+, minerals, oh my!

With supplements continuing to drive the wellness category, certain ingredients have gained star status, lots of which address signs of aging or promote overall longevity. While they’re helping drive sales of the vitamin and complement category, which reached greater than $13 billion in sales, in response to Nielsen IQ, they’re also making their way into topicals. Here, a breakdown of wellness’s trending ingredients.


Moon Juice Magnesi-Om


What it’s: Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral within the body, and in response to the World Health Organization, nearly all of Americans aren’t getting an adequate amount. 

“Magnesium is one among those things where it’s needed for each cellular function within the body,” said Amanda Chantal Bacon, founding father of Moon Juice, a wellness brand known for its powder drink Magnesi-Om, $42. “Most persons are magnesium deficient….Whenever you experience stress in your body, you lose magnesium.” 

The advantages: In line with the Mayo Clinic, magnesium supports muscles, nerves and energy. Certain forms, like magnesium glycinate, are also helpful for restful sleep, a key profit driving users to try the ingredient as “sleepy girl mocktails” proceed to trend on TikTok. “[The] showstopper for people is [that] you immediately feel calm,” Chantal Bacon said. 

The way it’s trending: In line with Spate, magnesium receives 3.3 million average monthly searches and has experienced a 19.1 percent growth since last 12 months. 

What to try: 

  • Moon Juice Magnesi-Om, $42: Chantal Bacon said that is one among Moon Juice’s bestselling products and is “growing daily.” 
  • Nature Made Magnesium, $6 to $55: In line with Spate, Nature Made, which sells an array of formats and sorts of magnesium, is the highest brand name searched alongside the ingredient. 
  • Picket Spoon Herbs Magic Magnesium, $26: This complement brand has recently gained traction across social media, garnering greater than 72,000 followers on Instagram, and has sold out of its magnesium powder several times. 


IV drip at Modern Age.

IV drip at Modern Age.


What it’s: NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and is a vital enzyme for cells. 

“Consider [it] as an energy source for the cells,” said Modern Age chief medical officer Dr. Anant Vinjamoori. The Latest York City-based wellness clinic has seen an uptick in interest in NAD+ and the first use case has been for those affected by some form of chronic condition.

The advantages: “Our NAD+ levels are known to say no as we become old,” Vinjamoori said. “It looks as if most of the diseases which can be related to aging also appear to be correlated with declines in NAD+ and so the idea is that if we will complement and optimize NAD+ levels we will prevent a few of the consequences of aging.”

While complement brands and wellness service corporations are using this information, NAD+’s advantages are based on clinical experience and anecdotal evidence, not significant research studies. 

“What numerous people report is an actual improvement in mental sharpness,” Vinjamoori said. “People just feel lots clearer. They feel lots more motivated.”

The way it’s trending: Spate reports NAD+ receives 90,000 average monthly searches. 

Where to try it: 

  • Modern Age NAD+ IV Drip Therapy, $750; Modern Age NAD+ Injection, $125: In line with the corporate, each treatments offer more immediate advantages anecdotally, as they’re able to absorb into the bloodstream more quickly.
  • Clean Market NutriYouth Drip, $295: Clean Market’s NutriYouth Drip is supposed to be more practical at providing antiaging advantages and an energy boost.
  • Thorne ResveraCel, $54: This complement features NAD+ precursors, which is the one solution to absorb and create NAD+ when taken orally. Spate reports that NMN, a precursor to NAD+, has a mean of 97,900 monthly searches up 106.5 percent year-over-year.


Armra Colostrum

Armra Colostrum


What it’s: “[Colostrum] is the primary milk all mammals produce,” said Dr. Sarah Rahal, founder and CEO of Armra, a wellness brand centered across the ingredient. “It is stuffed with bioactive compounds, peptides, antibodies, fats, fibers, prebiotics…that can’t be found anywhere else in nature, and so they act almost like a blueprint within the body, like your body’s source code, optimizing development of all the several pathways.”

In line with Rahal, colostrum seals up all the barriers contained in the body to dam any bad bacteria.

The advantages: “The advantages are profound since it reduces inflammation in every single place,” said Rahal, ticking off improved immunity and gut health. Anecdotally, she said users have reported other advantages, including gray hair regaining pigment and reduced symptoms of chronic conditions.

The way it’s trending: The ingredient receives 148,000 average monthly searches and has grown in search volume nearly 13 percent since last 12 months. The hashtag #colostrum has garnered greater than 192 million views on TikTok.

What to try:

  • Armra Colostrum Immune Revival, $40: Armra, which sells a drinkable colostrum powder, is the highest searched brand alongside colostrum, in response to Spate. 
  • Kion Colostrum, $50: Kion’s powder drink maintains a 4.8 star rating amongst consumers, who report higher gut function and better energy levels.

Trace Minerals

Goodonya Hydrate

Goodonya Hydrate


What it’s: Trace minerals are elements that nourish the cells for healthy immune function, though are only needed in very small amounts; this includes common minerals like zinc, copper and iron. Although only small amounts are needed, many trace minerals, which essentially hydrate cells, are lost as a result of common filtration systems.

“More often than not, we’re drinking filtered and reverse osmosis water that has all of the minerals stripped out,” said Kris Buchanan, founder and CEO of Goodonya, an organic food and beverage brand.

The advantages: Adequate amounts of trace minerals support overall cell function, so advantages can range from a resilient immune system to higher hair, skin and nails.

The way it’s trending: Trace minerals are experiencing 18.5 percent year-over-year growth by way of search, in response to Spate, and the #traceminerals hashtag on TikTok has 11.6 million views.

What to try:

  • Goodonya Hydrate, $49: Formulated with electrolytes for an overall boost, this replaces electrolytes and minerals lost in filtered water.
  • Moon Juice Mini Dew, $44: Moon Juice combines electrolytes and trace minerals for an ultra-hydrating result.
  • Sakara Beauty Water Drops, $39 for 2 bottles: These drops could be added to any beverage, making them convenient for on-the-go use.

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