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22 Apr

Nurturing the Soul of Beauty

For over 40 years, Presperse has been proudly represented as a trusted partner to a number of the world’s top beauty brands with its transformational ingredients, breakthrough formula innovation and supply-chain excellence. The corporate has been recognized as a frontrunner in providing its partners with quality, sustainability, research, green chemistry and providing a positive work environment for its employees.

Through its leadership, Presperse has made its name in the wonder industry as a transformative company, and importantly, as an organization in transformation with the elevated goal to be greater than an ideal partner, to be a corporation that leaves the world more beautiful for people and the planet.

Guiding Presperse with a purpose-driven approach is Joy Atkinson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Presperse, who joined the corporate in 2020 as one in every of the few female CEOs within the cosmetic raw materials market. In her nearly 3-years at Presperse, Atkinson has led with a purpose-driven approach, specializing in three key pillars (beauty wellness, regeneratives, and green chemistry) and bringing a forward-thinking mentality that aligns holistically with how the world is considering today, and will probably be considering tomorrow.

The corporate, Atkinson said, isn’t driven by mission but by purpose. “Our purpose is clearly stated in all we do and is a key driver for strategic decision-making,” she said. “For all recent activities, we ask ourselves whether we’re working to make the world a more beautiful place. Are we helping humanity? Are we embracing our values and staying consistent with them?”

Under her leadership, Presperse has fostered diverse leadership and repositioned the corporate as a frontrunner in corporate social responsibility by constructing top-of-the-line CSR platforms within the cosmetic ingredient business. Presperse has accomplished 12 months one in every of an EcoVadis partnership achieving Gold certification, established a baseline of carbon emissions, created internal KPIs to succeed in the U.N.‘s Sustainable Development Goals, and been awarded the Great Place to Work certification.

These certifications, Atkinson told Fairchild Studio, while impressive on their very own, are about setting a benchmark, listening and learning from others inside and out of doors of the wonder industry, and provoking the team for the work that also must be done. Achieving greatness, achieving a more beautiful world requires working together and with that, trust – constructing it and keeping it – is paramount.

“I’ve been within the industry for a few years, in several positions from being a merchant, to marketing and product development and on the supplier side for many of my profession,” said Atkinson. “Through all these positions and experiences, what I even have found to be most significant is delivering on my commitments to everyone with whom I are available contact. Trust is built over years and could be destroyed in moments. Knowing this, I ensure I understand the probabilities of my ambitions, and I’m open and honest, even when the reality of a situation could be difficult. Being a trusted partner means I walk my talk and I deliver on my commitments.”

Hee Jeong Son, Vice President of Supply Innovation, said being a trusted partner means guaranteeing that each beauty brands and ingredient partners can count on Presperse. “We act thoughtfully with consideration for our partners to do what’s best in our shared goals, to act with transparency and care, to assist them (and us) bring their dreams to life, and to accomplish that with integrity and take care of people and planet.”

Darren Fritschy, Vice President of Sales at Presperse, added that “establishing trust in partnerships is how [Presperse] distinguishes its unique market position. The phrase may sound easy and obvious at first, but I can assure you it’s nothing near easy. Our way of honoring trusted partnerships means we’re committed to specializing in our clients’ needs and the brands they serve before all other matters.”

Furthermore, Fritschy said, this implies all the time identifying probably the most exciting technologies and supplying them with the very best level of quality and repair, at a competitive price. “Customizing the best way we do business with every client takes enormous energy and strategic alignment, yet it’s probably the most rewarding and exciting solution to engage with the market.”

Son and Fritschy also noted that practicing trusted partnerships is finished at Presperse not only with clients but throughout the organization, describing the culture as being inspirational and collaborative. This culture, they said, allows everyone to do their best work.

“The culture of Presperse is one in every of respect and collaboration,” added Lori Katz, Vice President of Operations at Presperse. “Now we have fun while working hard and do it inside a team environment. We like to see the team considering out of the box. We aren’t a corporation that claims no to recent ideas, as an alternative, we foster the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Importantly, it was this appreciation that led to Atkinson to tackle the big task of offering smaller quantities of Presperse’s high-quality ingredients to start-up brands in a recent initiative called, Creators Corner

Atkinson shared that in a CEW Founder’s Friday session, she felt inspired to ask the startup entrepreneurs where they buy raw materials and learned that common answers included retailers like Whole Foods, Amazon and Alibaba – or as Atkinson interprets it: wherever they may find them.

Understanding that when, or if, these brands were to grow or be bought by a big company, they would want to adapt to the high-quality materials that the massive firms use, and would want to rework the formulation. But why not have that path to Presperse ingredients be available from the start? Briefly, Atkinson said, it’s hard and required an intense amount of labor, but a journey that she said is ultimately price it to attain higher goals.

“I used to be given loads of pushback along the best way,” said Atkinson. “But I used to be also given support from individuals who saw the vision and understood it. These micro startups are where innovation is occurring, so I had to remain true to that dream and together we were in a position to say, yes, this is vital.”

Launching this month, Creators Corner by Presperse will give startup businesses the small quantities that they need while providing all of the documentation and safety information that a serious corporation is given.

“If we may help arrange an environment where great ideas can come to fruition, and we encourage, mentor and coach entrepreneurial purpose-driven mindset along the best way, we may give people what they should succeed,” said Atkinson of her leadership style and its proven results. “It’s a unprecedented thing to observe, and our shareholders are having fun with the journey together with us, in addition to all the innovators of today and tomorrow.”

Along with her work at Presperse, Atkinson helps tomorrow’s leaders grow as a proud board member of the Strickland Women’s Leadership Council at High Point University where she actively mentors young women.

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