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17 Aug

Photos of blinged-out queers at underground Latin club 2CPerrea

Last weekend, at an industrial estate in Tottenham, people stuck gaffer tape on their nipples and arched their backs. There, a disused automotive garage-turned-warehouse played host to the ascendant club night 2CPerrea, where people wear shirred playsuits and leopard-print belt skirts and skank vests with the word “maricon” (meaning faggot in Spanish) embroidered across their fronts. Staged in collaboration with Popola UK, partygoers whined to the seductive electronica and jacked-up dembow of Latin America’s perreo subculture. “Perreo is about dancing along with your friends and smiling at them. It’s about being free and moving your body,” the night’s organisers explain. “Especially your ass.”

“At 2CPerrea, fashion and freedom go together. The main target is on creating the best atmosphere for everybody to be themselves,” they add. “Looks for days, mi amor!” The entire thing gives space to a generation of young queers whose nights would otherwise be ruined by the presence of cishet people. “It was created in order that we could dance to perreo outside of the hetero-patriarchal system without limits, bringing the Latino influence to London.” The outfits are built on these small expressions of defiance: one-legged chaps, whale tails, rhinestoned truckers, and football corsets. “We like to point out our bodies without being judged, from tiny skirts with hot lingerie to ripped denim in every shape, in addition to see-through fabrics and cute accessories to make the right look.” 

Click through the gallery above to see a number of the best-dressed attendees and head over here to examine out 2CPerrea’s next event. 

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