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9 Sep

Recognizing Visionaries Driving Positive Change In ESG 

Recognizing Visionaries Driving Positive Change In ESG 

They’re daring visionaries who walk the talk in terms of developing, implementing and setting ESG goals. And in terms of putting into practice ESG policies (either for their very own corporations or helping others), they’re steadfast, pragmatic and committed to creating the world a greater place.

Meet the honorees of this 12 months’s Most Influential ESG Leaders.

The list includes leaders from American Eagle Outfitters, e.l.f. Beauty, Gap Inc., Macy’s, and Tapestry, amongst many others. This 12 months’s honors are presented by Berns Communications Group (BCG)’s Retail Influencer Network and The Z Suite, in collaboration with Women’s Wear Day by day (WWD). This prestigious accolade honors senior-level executives and Gen Z leaders who’ve exhibited exceptional commitment to advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices throughout the retail, technology, and consumer industries.

When asked what it takes to create real change within the industry on the ESG front, Kathleen McLaughlin, Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Walmart Inc. and President of the Walmart Foundation, began by explaining that in the long run, “successful corporations take an expansive view of what it means to run an important business. They create ‘shared value’ — meaning they maximize the worth of their business by addressing crucial needs of their stakeholders in modern and effective ways.”

“Relating to ESG, corporations can: prioritize the problems on the intersection of stakeholder needs and business relevance; collaborate with others across sectors to rewire operations and provide chains to deal with issues in value-creating ways; and manage key initiatives as they’d some other a part of their business — setting ambitious goals, innovating to beat challenges, holding people accountable for results, and disclosing progress in addition to challenges,” McLaughlin said.

For e.l.f. Beauty, actionable steps to achieve ESG goals require a certain form of leadership approach. Tarang Amin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of e.l.f. Beauty, said, “Leading with positivity, inclusivity and accessibility achieves impactful ESG outcomes.”

“It starts with being purpose-led and representing the varied community that we serve,” Amin explained. “We’re considered one of only 4 publicly traded corporations (out of 4,200) within the U.S. with a Board of Directors that’s two-thirds women and one-third diverse. We attempt to do the precise thing for people, the planet, and our furry and finned friends. We lean into our superpowers of bringing premium quality products at accessible prices which might be clean, vegan, cruelty free and Fair Trade-certified.”

Lauren Guthrie, Vice President of Global Talent and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Motion (IDEA) on the VF Corp., also noted that buyers are key, and that ESG, “is a robust tool to drive corporate mobilization in support of the best challenges facing our planet and global societies. Nevertheless, for us to drive towards real and sustained solutions, consumers have to proceed to vote with their dollars and support corporations who usually are not only talking concerning the work, but consistently demonstrating their commitment through motion.”

The honorees of the Most Influential ESG Leaders list will likely be honored on the second annual Retail Influencer CEO Forum Featuring The Z Suite on September 12. The total-day, invitation-only summit at Recent York’s Crosby Street Hotel will unite Gen Z leaders and influencers with retail and brand executives to assist the industry unlock the Gen Z consumer mindset.

This 12 months, the forum’s programming will center on the theme of “Courageous Leadership Paving the Way for Real Change” and featured speakers will include CEOs, ZEOs and senior executives who’re leading with conviction and connecting deeply with Gen Zers along the best way.

“This forum is a novel opportunity to uncover what Gen Z truly values and the way brand leaders are constructing strategies to satisfy them where they’re,” said Stacy Berns, President and Founding father of Berns Communications Group. “We consider that by bringing together these influential voices, we will drive positive change, foster innovation, and shape more sustainable, inclusive, and responsible business practices.”

The chosen individuals have demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to driving positive change across environmental, social, and governance practices. Their modern strategies and commitment to ESG principles have set latest benchmarks for corporate responsibility inside their respective sectors.

These leaders have been chosen by a distinguished panel of experts from WWD, the Retail Influencer Network, The Z Suite, and The DealmakeHers for his or her outstanding contributions to fostering sustainable practices and making a major impact on the ESG landscape.

ESG practices have gained paramount importance within the business world today. Organizations that prioritize environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance usually are not only contributing positively to society but are also demonstrating resilience and a forward-looking approach. As consumers, investors, and stakeholders increasingly demand transparency and accountability, businesses that integrate ESG principles into their operations stand to construct lasting trust and create a more sustainable future.

Listed here are the 12 months’s most influential ESG leaders:

Keelin Evans, Vice President of Sustainability at Macy’s

Saad Amer, Founder and CEO of Justice Environment

Jake Bjorseth, CEO, Trndsttrs

Emily Gittins, CEO and Co-Founder, Archive

Serena Advani, Founder, Seadrop Skincare

Karly Gramlich, Founder and CEO, Upper District

Maya Penn, Founder and CEO, Maya’s Ideas LLC

Marci Zaroff, Founder and CEO, Ecofashion Corp.

Lisa Morales-Hellebo, CEO and Co-Founder, REFASHIOND OS

Mike Natenshon, Founder and CEO, Marine Layer

Suvi-Elina Enqvist, Head of Innovation, Marimekko

Kerry Docherty, Chief Impact Officer, Faherty

Kathleen McLaughlin, Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Walmart Inc.; President, Walmart Foundation, Walmart

William (Bill) Caldwell, Chief Development Officer, EDENS

Dafna Mizrahi, CEO, Curamia

Logan Duran, Vice President of ESG & Sustainability, Tapestry

Michelle Tarry, Vice President – Responsible Sourcing & Sustainability, American Eagle Outfitters (AEO)

James Reinhart, CEO, thredUP

Shawn Outler, Chief DEI Officer at Macy’s

Jane Mosbacher Morris, Founder and CEO, TO THE MARKET

Amy Shecter, Chief Executive Officer, Ever/Body

Harley Preston, Activist, Model, Marketer, Agent of Change

Nadya Okamoto, CEO and Co-founder, August

Amy Fisher, CEO, LOLA

Nicole Leinbach, Founder, Retail Minded

Bahja Johnson, Head of Equality and Belonging | Color Proud Council Co-Founder, Gap Inc.

Tarang Amin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, e.l.f. Beauty

Lauren Guthrie, Vice President of Global Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Motion, VF Corp.

Alice Kim, Founder and CEO, PerfectDD

Kristen Gonzalez, Recent York State Senator

Sophia Kianni

Phoebe Gates

Ziad Ahmed, JUV Consulting

Cara Smyth, Accenture

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