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16 Sep

Rimless Eyewear Pioneer Silhouette Leads The Way With Emerging Trend


Fashion runways have gone rimless of late. And eyewear firms corresponding to Silhouette are banking on the trend that has visually defined the brand over the course of its nearly 60-year history.

Silhouette’s approach to eyewear is distinguished within the sector for its continuity in designing frames with a rimless aesthetic. Roland Keplinger, Design Director, Silhouette International, said that the brand “has been the worldwide market leader in premium, rimless eyewear since we first introduced Titan Minimal Art – our iconic, award-winning masterpiece – back in 1999.”

“We concentrate on a mix of minimalistic design and superior, high-tech materials that provide maximum comfort and wearability and a barely-there feel,” he noted.

Urban Fusion. Model 1608-5640

All Eyes on Rimless 

The buyer-led rimless eyewear trend seen across runways and by Silhouette’s contemporaries within the space is indeed driven by a post-pandemic proclivity for comfort.

“Consumers who may not have been accustomed to rimless eyewear prior to now are seeing it gain popularity and trying it for the primary time,” said Keplinger. “They’re realizing how comfortable and light-weight rimless eyewear is, and the way versatile the styling is – it really works for all looks and occasions.”

“And consumers are also pleasantly surprised to see that rimless eyewear doesn’t distract from their facial expression, but actually subtly enhances them while accentuating the wearer’s beauty.”

For the Austrian heritage brand founded in 1964, evolving with trends that talk to today’s contemporary consumer has kept the corporate’s perspective and product ultramodern. “At Silhouette, we’re all the time pushing the design envelope to create recent, novel shapes with a fresh color palette and cutting-edge techniques,” Keplinger explained.

Lite Spirit Accent Rings. Model 5566-LS-7530

“We’re always evolving our product assortment while remaining true to our clear, minimalistic design language that the brand is thought for. Our designs are sometimes influenced by modern-classic furniture, lighting, and art.”

Keplinger added that the brand updates its shapes “in line with the spirit of the times, ensuring that our eyewear withstands the changing tides of fashion trends and might be passed down from generation to generation.”

Setting Sights on Impact 

Keplinger noted that a recent favorite is its latest TMA – The Icon collection with tinted lenses that includes a dynamic profile, flowing titanium temples and its signature hinge-free technology that provides each wearer an ideal, flexible fit.

“TMA – The Icon with tinted lenses is a real highlight of our recent collection,” he said. “The mixture of trendy rimless lens shapes with colourful, gradient tinted lenses makes these the right lightweight accessory for today’s trend-conscious consumer.”

Illusion Lite. Model 2948-4630

Other standouts include its Lite Spirit Accent Rings collection, which mixes the numerous advantages of rimless eyewear with a novel, full-rim look created by the lens contouring of its signature Accent Rings, in line with the brand. Shoppers can mix and match its six shapes, six frame colours, and 6 Accent Ring colours, to create over 200 mixtures, offering a bespoke product that caters to various personalities and preferences.

Silhouette will likely be launching its 2023 sun collection in October, which offers a mixture of up to date rimless designs, a contemporary update to its popular Accent Shades, and a sleek full-rim titanium collection.

“For 2023, we’ll be introducing some truly amazing rimless and full-rim eyewear collections. We’re excited to supply consumers a fresh assortment of eyewear with special, distinctive design techniques to create a subtle yet eye-catching impact.”

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