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12 Sep

Romero Jennings Sent The Most Gorgeous Blush Looks Down

In a sea of no makeup-makeup looks on the NYFW SS24 shows, veteran makeup artist Romero Jennings’ wave of stellar blushes truly stand out. At Prabal Gurung, for instance, to enrich the regal, shoulder-length gold earrings and figure-hugging dresses, apricot blushes and green shadows were abound. Moreover, to pair with Kim Shui’s mint green blazers and lace corsets, coral cheeks and fuchsia lips did the trick. 

For Jennings, “beauty is about expression. It’s excessive,” he tells ESSENCE. “I like combining my Jamaican heritage with the designer’s vision. Jamaica could be very colourful and playful. And I like making it feel personal.”

Jennings took trip of his busy fashion month schedule to talk with ESSENCE in regards to the inspiration behind each look and the important thing products used.

Prabal Gurung

The inspiration

“This season, the Prabal woman was alleged to seem like she was frolicking along with her lover after which realized she was running late for a gala she was invited to,” Jennings explains. “We wanted it to seem like she quickly put her makeup look together but it surely still comes together as polished and exquisite ultimately.”

The technique

“We created a C shape with blush. I desired to make sure that it was pronounced and may very well be seen well in person and in photographs,” he says of the heavy application.

Key products used

To realize the gorgeous blush, Jennings opted to combine Extra Dimension blush in Cheeky Bites and Hushed Tone to offer the face extra dimension. Meanwhile, Locked Kiss in Brazen was applied to the lips. As for the colourful shadows? Pro Longwear paint pot was washed across the lid in blue, green, yellow and pink hues. 

Kim Shui

The inspiration

“I used to be inspired to make the look Victorian yet modern,” to match the clothes. “And that’s why I desired to do such a high placement of blush,” he says. Moreover, “ I feel this season is all about perfecting an understated look.”

The Technique

“I placed the blush on the apples of the cheeks and stretched it upwards for a lifted look.”

Key Products Used

For this blush look, Extra Dimension in Rosy Cheeks was blended in an upward motion to intensify the cheekbones. Squirt Plumping in Amped was applied before being topped off with Lipglass. 

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