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9 Apr

Sarah Ferguson says parents today would ‘never dream of

The Duchess of York has reflected on her childhood and the language utilized by her parents growing up.

In a latest interview, Sarah Ferguson opened up about how her mother, Susan Barrantes, was “a baby herself” when she began her family with Ronald Ferguson.

The duchess, 63, recalled how her father “used to call me a sheep’s a***” and her mother would “hit me” if she refused to eat semolina.

Chatting with The Times, Ferguson said: “My mother was a good looking woman but she was a baby herself. She didn’t know be a mummy.

“We’d never dream now of using the language my parents used on us as children. Dad used to call me a sheep’s a***. If I refused to eat my semolina, Mum would hit me and say she needed to beat the devil out of me.”

Ferguson, who was married to the Duke of York from 1986 to 1996, has previously spoken about her mother, who left her family when Ferguson was 14 to elope with knowledgeable polo player in Argentina.

In her latest interview, published on Saturday (8 April), the duchess and creator said Susan returned to England for her sister, Jane Ferguson’s wedding.

“Then my sister left to start out her latest married life in Australia and I lost them each on the identical day,” she recalled.

“I never truly understood why my mother left me and it has taken me an extended time to cope with my low self-esteem. After I was little, I used to depart notes in her dressing room saying, ‘Mummy, please don’t die in a automobile crash’. And after all she did die in a automobile crash.”

Susan Ferguson (later Barrantes, 1937 – 1998) watching a polo match with daughter Jane on June 1st, 1960 (Getty Images)

Susan died on the age of 61 after her automobile collided head-on with a van in Argentina in 1998.

In 2021, Ferguson spoke of how the late Queen Elizabeth was “more of a mother” to her than her own.

She described her former mother-in-law as a “mentor” who “never faltered” when giving her support and advice.

During an appearance on the Tea with Twiggy podcast, Ferguson said: “Because I went through a lot pain losing Mum, I lost my way and I became deeply, deeply insecure. I kept asking everybody for advice. And I never trusted my very own judgement of myself.

“I even have got my lovely ex-husband [Prince] Andrew – he all the time believes in me and all the time did consider in me. But my biggest mentor – and I do know this sounds so weird to say it – and one that believes in me is the Queen and has never faltered.”

Last week, the duchess opened up about affected by binge-eating disorders as a baby when her parents divorced in an interview with The Independent.

She said the media’s scrutiny on her weight made things worse and he or she would “self-sabotage”. Nonetheless, Ferguson said she found solace in writing her novels. Her latest novel, A Most Intriguing Lady, is on sale now.

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