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8 Sep

Savannah James On How She Curates LeBron’s Skin-Care Routine

There are basketball wives — after which there may be Savannah James. She is in a league of her own. As the center of the James Gang, or in LeBron’s words, “the actual MVP,” being a mother of three comes first, but this hasn’t stopped tens of millions from falling in love along with her. Through the years, she has quietly earned herself a large following that awaits her every Instagram post, all the time complete with a striking beauty look.

When she recently gave Allure a glance inside her beauty space, she called it “just a toilet,” however the palatial glass shower, pink velvet bench, and sunburst chandelier told a rather different story. What actually blew us away, though, was the next-level organization. (James had just celebrated her birthday two days before her Allure interview — yes, she is a Virgo.) Her makeup is labeled and categorized and filed perfectly in each drawer. Her mini skin-care fridge is freshly stocked with masks and chilled ice globes to massage away morning puffiness. There’s a spot for every parteven her wrist towels. (For the uninitiated who’ve been letting water drip down their forearms, picture terry cloth sweatbands — but they’re there to maintain your pajamas dry once you wash your face at night.)

James’ birthday wasn’t the one family celebration that preceded our conversation, though. Every week or so before our scheduled interview, LeBron lauded the skin-care line his wife has within the works with a video on Instagram. The Allure team could be lying if we said our hearts didn’t sink just a bit of — we were looking forward to a beauty chat with a celeb who didn’t have their very own line to advertise. But because it seems, Savannah had little interest in sharing any further details on those three moisturizers. And she or he was greater than willing to offer me all of the tea on her current I-have-nothing-to-sell-here top shelf — starting with the no-frills Epsom salts she soaks in five to 6 times per week.

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