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3 Oct

Silk Press Season: 5 Suggestions To Make Yours Last

Silk Press Season: 5 Suggestions To Make Yours Last

Silk press season is here! With the chillier months that fall and winter bring, we don’t should worry about sweating out our heat-styled looks quite as much. But simply because there’s less humidity and moisture within the air, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the crucial steps to preserve the bouncy, shiny style. In any case, we would like to get our money’s price and be certain that it lasts longer than two days, right? 

Lurissa Ingrid– pro hair artist for the likes of Gabrielle Union, Ebonee Davis, Topicals, and more– is here to make your life a bit of bit easier. Below, you’ll find her top 5 suggestions and techniques– from really useful products to protecting the hair– to make sure your silk press lasts.

Use the fitting shampoo 

Before you schedule your silk press appointment (or on the salon), it’s important to cleanse your hair well. A clean scalp and hair shaft is the inspiration for an enduring silk press, or any high heat style you’re into. “My go-to product when doing a silk press is a clarifying shampoo,” Ingrid says. “This preps the hair and cleanses it from all oils, waxes, or creams that construct up in our hair in the course of the styling process.” In case your hair needs more hydration, Ingrid says, “a Moisturizing shampoo is essential to lock hydration back into your hair. This sets you up for the warmth styling afterwards.”

Use deep conditioner and leave-in

Conditioning is a must prior to a silk press. A conditioner will help boost shine, prevent breakage, and protect your hair from humidity– which is able to make your silk press last more. “I at all times deep condition and follow up with a leave-in conditioner,” Ingrid says. 

The Wizard, a 2-in-1 heat protectant and leave-in conditioner, is Ingrid’s silicone-free go-to. This multi-functional conditioner protects the hair as much as 450 degrees. Other conditioners, like The Kure or recent Mirrorball conditioner, are a very good option for silk presses as their formulas repair damaged hair, prevent future breakage, and boost shine.

Avoid sweat

Based on Ingrid, your silk press can typically last as long as 2 weeks with proper care.  “Moisture and or humidity will revert your tresses to their natural state,” she says. “So you desire to refrain from activities that make you sweat.”

Ingrid recommends The Shield because it’s a humidity blocker formulated specifically for muggy, wet weather or a day on the gym. The anti-humidity spray protects hair as much as 450 degrees and is proven to last 24 hours.

Use a shawl at night

“Make sure that you cover your hair at night and through vigorous activities reminiscent of understanding,” says Ingrid. It is best to wrap your hair around your head and secure your style with a silk or mesh wrap under your scarf. 

Monitor your heat level

“In the event you are attempting your silk press at home I might suggest you monitor your heat level in your hot tools to forestall heat damage,” she says. “After you silk press you desire to refrain from the usage of heat for some time,” she says. “This service shouldn’t be done every week to preserve your natural curl pattern.” Within the meantime, Ingrid recommends heatless curls to take care of your look, reminiscent of flexi rods, pin curls, or curl formers. To assist monitor heat and lower risk of harm, chances are you’ll need to try the Dyson Corrale™ straightener which has regulated heat control as much as 410 degrees. 

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