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6 Apr

Skeleton Key Press : Shae Detar : One other

 Experimental photographic mixed media artist Shae Detar released her debut book One other World through Skeleton Key Press. This collection of hand-painted photographs submerges its viewers right into a utopic pocket-dimension governed by Mother Earth and the female mystique. Populated exclusively by women, One other World presents an alternate reality by which unabashed, innate great thing about the nude female form is openly revered and different body types are cherished quite than judged.

Blurring the divide between contemporary art and fashion photography, the self-taught modelturned- artist embraces a barebones, body-confident vision of femininity. Far faraway from material amenities and tactile assurances, One other World defiantly thrusts its protagonists into sprawling expanses of wilderness. Unmarred by societal conventions, each woman basks in her own strength and fragility concurrently.

In his foreword for One other World, Azu Nwagbogu writes, “For all its ethereal number of landscape, it’s women’s bodies that are the main target of the pictures in One other World. There may be a sensual celebration of fleshly reality in the several poses — writhing, contorted, proudly upright or lying in relaxed repose — of those bodies. Painted-on color is used to intensify these differences and at the identical time to spotlight that ladies’s bodies, no matter their ‘desirability’ or conformity to standard beauty ideals, have an absolute validity of existence independent of the consuming, objectifying male gaze.”

Utilizing a modernized inversion of an antiquated hand-painting technique popularized in the course of the nineteenth century, Detar cloaks each work in otherworldly nostalgia, an earnest restlessness for something yet to be experienced yet comfortingly familiar. And while she navigates her artistic practice as a type of escapism, One other World undeniably mirrors our own reality, by which acknowledgement and acceptance of natural beauty is manifesting itself right into a widespread cultural movement.

Shae’s work has been featured by Vogue Italia, Vogue.com, I-D Magazine, AnOther Magazine, Vice, Hero Magazine, Creative Review, Marie Claire Italia, Interview Magazine, Dazed, Grazia, The Latest Yorker, Elle UK, Marie Claire, HuffPost, Latest York Magazine, Forbes, Nylon, Style.com, Teen Vogue, Blouin Artinfo, Vogue NL, Fast Company and Refinery29. She has shot covers for Latest York Magazine and BLINK Magazine. Shae exhibits her work internationally.



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