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9 Oct

Spiritual Gangster, Kerri Rosenthal Partner on Limited-edition Collection

Spiritual Gangster, Kerri Rosenthal Partner on Limited-edition Collection

Kerri Rosenthal and Spiritual Gangster have teamed as much as collaborate on a limited-edition collection.

Centered around wearable, on a regular basis pieces in vibrant color mixtures, the gathering features soft cashmere mix knits, performance-driven activewear, and vibrant hand-drawn graphics designed to encourage joy. Retail prices range from $48 to $348.

Spiritual Gangster, a yoga-inspired brand, creates collections to encourage living in gratitude, giving back and selecting kindness. Kerri Rosenthal’s designs also foster positivity with designs that ignite a way of individuality, warmth and personality. In line with Rosenthal, the inside designer, artist and stylist, the corporate’s philosophy is “quite easy…to make people blissful by making stuff that makes us blissful.”

The organic T-shirt.

“Our core values align perfectly,” Rosenthal said. “Each brands organically make things that, in the long run, appear to make people blissful. For every collaboration, I kick off the creative development with a painting. For SG, I painted two pieces, Select Happiness and Super Duper Hamsa. We turned the artwork into fabric designs and together made the styles which might be core to every brand. The gathering is amazing and I hope it brings you happiness.”

Vanessa Lee, cofounder of Spiritual Gangster, said, “I actually have been a fan of the Kerri Rosenthal brand for a while and saw such a synergy between Kerri Rosenthal’s mission and Spiritual Gangster’s. I reached out to Kerri, and the celebrities aligned.…We decided to create something a bit recent and exciting for every of us, while still remaining true to our brands. In coming together, we’re capable of bring our messages of positivity and inspiration to a bigger audience. We hope that this collection brings you as much joy and lightweight as we experienced creating it.”

The gathering features a superlong cotton and cashmere London cardigan, a high-neck jacquard bra, a sculpt jacquard legging, an organic T-shirt, muscle tank relaxed crewneck pullover, and cotton and cashmere scarf, beanie and socks.

The superlong London cardigan.

Kerri Rosenthal x Spiritual Gangster launches Sunday and will probably be available online at Spirtualgangster.com, kerrirosenthal.com, Shopbop, Bloomingdale’s and at Kerri Rosenthal’s flagship store at 181 Predominant Street in Westport, Connecticut.

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