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25 Nov

Start Your Skincare Journey Right Now – Essence

Skincare Journey Right Now

Skincare Journey Right Now When fatigue hits and all you wish to do is sleep, the very last thing you wish to cope with is an elaborate nighttime routine. We get it. But you understand what? It only takes a minute to wake as much as healthy-looking, glowing skin.

We’ve got a 4-step nighttime routine. You possibly can do one step or all 4 depending on how you’re feeling.

Step 1: Ease into It. Turn off your phone, tablet, or computer, and switch on some soothing music to let your body and mind wind down naturally. Take a minute to stretch or get in a fast meditation, which will help release any tension you’ve built up throughout the day.

Start Your Skincare Journey Right Now

Estee Lauder

Step 2: Take care of Your Skin. Before you switch in for the night, wash your face and apply a silky, lightweight serum like Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum. Only one bottle creates the right environment to optimize skin’s natural repair process. The most effective part? This bestselling serum boosts 7 skin-renewing actions—radiance, hydration, line reduction, firmness, even tone, strengthened skin barrier, and antioxidants—which
means more impact with less effort.

One Dropper
•Skin looks radiant
•Hydrates immediately for 72 hours
•Strengthens skin barrier in only 4 hours
Three Weeks
•Lines and wrinkles appear reduced.
•88% of ladies said skin looked younger.(1)
One Bottle(2)
•Skin feels firmer. 89% of ladies agreed.(1)
•Skin looks healthy, has a recent bounce and vitality.
Plus, over time, pores look diminished.

Step 3: Write It Out. Keep a notepad or journal near your bed, and list all
the positive things that happened that day. Write for one minute—jotting
down every thing you remember. Perhaps it was that first sip of coffee, a hug
from a friend, or crossing off that major errand in your to-do list. All of it
matters. Because acknowledging the small stuff makes a huge impact.

Step 4: Add a Little Oil. Dab a vital oil in your feet, wrists, or palms to enable you to chill out and get a greater night’s sleep. Lavender is a terrific slumber scent, it may well enable you to feel calm and prepared for rest.

*The NPD Group, Inc. / U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Department/Specialty, Face Skincare Product Layer, Prestige Brand Classification, Unit Sales, 12 months ending August 2022.
(1) Consumer testing on 543 women.
(2) 1.7 oz./50ml bottle

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