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5 Oct

Stay Alert, This Email Can Harm Your Computer!

Did you lately get an email saying you were being summoned to court? If that’s the case, be very careful.

About The Email

I actually got this unusual email earlier today. It said I used to be being summoned to court for “Violating the Federal Law under Title 16 USC 8763.” It even listed a case number and said a hearing could be going down and specified the date and courtroom where it will be held.

It’s A Scam, Fam

Obviously I felt this was highly suspicious because of the very fact, that so far as I do know, I’m not a criminal nor am I engaging in any criminal activity. … I mean, aside from speeding around town slightly bit an excessive amount of.

So, after deciding this was sus, I began doing slightly research. I discovered that that is, in actual fact, a scam.


Should you receive/received this email DO NOT click on any of the links. The links carry harmful ransomware. As a matter of fact this particular scam/email has been going around since 2014.

What It Looks Like

To maintain you within the loop, I’ve screenshotted the e-mail, so you understand what you are looking out for. The topic line of the e-mail says “Court Summons.”

It isn’t just going to non-public emails. It is going to work email accounts, so be VERY careful.

Future Reference

Should you ever get an email that you simply’re unsure of, DON’T OPEN IT. Do slightly research, ask around, but never click on links. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. — That is a saying, right?

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